Saturday, May 08, 2010

Part of my inheritance

I wonder if I should consider this my Mother's Day gift too? LOL!

Today DH and his brother brought over part of what we have inherited from his folks.

Originally my BIL also wanted this, but I guess he figured it wasn't worth the effort to move it and then find a place for it in his house. I don't think it turned out to be quite that hard to move (but then I didn't have to lift the bugger!)

Some history about this...

When MIL & FIL first bought their house the neighborhood was under construction. Each time that FIL would take their dog for a walk he would notice items in the construction dumpsters that were still very usable but for one reason or another weren't going into the homes that were being built. FIL was a very personable person and he ended up chatting with the construction workers (asking if he could have the "trash") and eventually they would just leave the good stuff for FIL off to the side so he didn't have to dumpster dive any more.

The bottom of this is 3 sets of cabinets, the top must have been from the shelves that are like what my in-laws had in their family room.

DH still has to bring the rest of it here (YES! There's more!) as they took out the drawers, shelves and filing cabinets out of it to make it lighter to carry. So far all this has cost me is making lunch for the guys (and I cheated at that...I just put out sandwich fixins and let them make what they wanted). Course I think part of my payment will be some more of the items that DH wants to bring home. We already had an argument about a clock he had to have. Oh well, some things are worth it.


  1. I see room for LOTS of bunnies!!!

  2. I see room for lots of stuff! I'm jealous I would love to have that piece in my home office.

  3. Anonymous12:10 PM

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