Saturday, May 01, 2010

V-E-T for Lilly

This week I finally broke down and called up the V-E-T to set up an appointment for Lilly.  She was well overdue for a checkup and I also wanted to get her teeth cleaned as our running joke when she came near was "I smell dead things!"

I had wanted to try to set this up as all one big trip to get it over and done with, but the V-E-T doesn't work like that...of course, of course!

So we went in on Monday to have her exam and shots.  Lilly is a happy traveler and doesn't complain about getting into the car.  It's once she realizes where she's going that she gets nervous.  See my dog is pretty smart.  A short car trip can only mean a trip to the groomer or the V-E-T...both are terrible places.  A long trip is good though.  So as soon as we pulled into the parking spot at the V-E-T she started whining!

I took her in and had her go sit on the scale.  hummm I thought my dog had gained some weight and I was feeding her more, well she hasn't!  In fact she weighs almost exactly what she did at her last V-E-T visit.  too much floof I guess.

Well now that my dog is approaching old age the V-E-T recommends a yearly blood test to make sure her kidney & liver functions are going well.  I agreed to this because the blood test checks everything.  So poor Lilly had to go in the back with the awful vet tech to see the vampire and have something shoved up her bum.  When she got back she seemed to hold no ill will for me.
Then we waited for the V-E-T to come see us.  (side note: I never find out what V-E-T we'll be seeing when we go there.  Most of the time we get the same one but once we had a different guy.  This time it was our regular guy.)  I mentioned that Lilly isn't as lively as she used to be, she gets tired out more quickly.  So he was sure to be extra careful checking everything...and told me that everything seemed normal.  Even offered to check her thyroid on her blood test (for more money) if I really wanted him to, but that her thyroid felt just fine and he didn't think that she needed it.  Then we were done.  I set the dental cleaning for Friday.

We went home and I was to keep an eye on her cuz two of her shots could cause a reaction.  She was fine.

The V-E-T called us Tuesday with her blood work results...all perfectly normal.

So Friday I loaded Lilly back into the car for her dental cleaning.  She went in at 8:15am.  She would have her procedure between 10 & 2 and they would call me to let me know how she was...then I could pick her up after 4.  I got a call about noon saying that everything went well, no tooth extractions, but that she had some puss in there and the doc prescribed an anti-biotic for her to take for a week.  I could pick her up after 3:30.

When I first pulled into the parking lot, I parked near the employee entrance.  I am pretty sure I heard Lilly barking.  I think she might have recognized our car.  It took a bit to actually get her but when they brought her out, I'm not quite sure she knew who I was...she didn't seem to be running at me.  As soon as she was brought to me though she was all over me.

She slept a lot the rest of the day, but she wanted to play when she saw dad.  She quickly dropped her ball though...I'm sure her teeth hurt her.

I tried to see if she would just eat her anti-biotic pill (some dogs will) but she didn' I shoved it in a spoon of peanut butter.  she ate it right up.

She's pretty much back to normal now, although I think her anti-biotic might be upsetting her tummy.  I may go get her some yogurt later.


  1. I'm glad everything went well. Man, that of coming-going for Lilly. You really love her.

  2. I'm glad too. What an ordeal for Lilly though!

  3. For some reason, all I kept thinking about during this entire post was that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer has the cough and starts taking dog medicine. Then Jerry gets him into the car to take him to the hospital and Kramer is like, "Wait a minute. This isn't the way to the park."

    Oh, and the "I smell dead things" made me cackle out loud just a bit.