Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Frustrating!

you'll all remember how sick DH got back in January when we went to Michigan.  Well along with all that fun there were a few things that came up that have caused DH to still be making multiple trips to see doctors...trips that he is getting frustrated and tired of.

While DH was hospitalized he developed a few blood clots.  The clots were in his arms around his IV ports.  He was told to move around by his doctors and told to NOT MOVE AT ALL by his nurses.  We were sure that the clots were formed because he was made to stay in the bed and because they had pumped so much fluid into him.  Now 4 months later one of the many blood tests that he has had to take has pretty much proven that we were right.  He does have a hereditary condition that makes him predisposed to getting blood clots when he is stationary for long periods of time with IV needles stuck in his arms. 

Another thing that was discovered in the hospital (but we already knew this as it comes up every time DH changes doctors) is that DH has a low white blood cell count.  In the hospital it freaked them out so much they tested him for AIDS!  But we already knew he had this because it is hereditary...his mother and his older sister also have this same low white blood cell count.  DH was sent to see a hematologist who is still trying to figure out why his white blood cell count is so low.  (Note: when DH was in the hospital and his one doctor was speaking to him about his low white blood cell count, I mentioned that it is normally low and the doctor gave me a dirty look and ignored me!)

A few weeks ago we got a call from the doctor's office stating that the doc wanted him to go in for more blood tests because his white blood cell count came back really low.  "HELLO???  Have you not even read his chart?  THIS IS NORMAL FOR HIM!"  DH refused to take the new blood test. 

So at his doctor's appointment yesterday the doc and him discuss the state of his blood and the doc is just baffled by the white blood cell count.  So now he wants to do a bone marrow test.  I assume this will check to see that he has enough white blood cell producing bone marrow cells.  But we'll see.  DH realized yesterday that he should put off the test for a few more days after he originally scheduled it because if he waits it will be cheaper.  I just realized that he should put it off because I'm going out of town the day afterward.  We'll see.

However it seems silly to keep running all these tests.  Every doctor before has been satisfied that the low white blood cell count is normal for him in his family.  His mother and sister have never had to go through all of this.  The doctor seems to want to find some way to treat DH for this, but I wasn't able to find online any way for him to do that.

Thank goodness for insurance.  Imagine how much fun this would be without it?

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  1. Dealing with the medical community is never easy and that's the truth. Keep your chin up, he's lucky to have you by his side!