Thursday, March 24, 2011

Different shoes

Today I ordered new jazz shoes for Darly.  She needs these for her dance class and they're a royal pain to get.

If you buy them locally they cost more, but at least you know they fit.  But if you order them online you can find ones that are much cheaper.  They're a knock-off brand but considering how quickly she's going to outgrow or go through them it's worth it...IF I get the right size!

See these shoes don't run the same size as street shoes...the manufacturers tell you this.  (then why not change the number on the shoe???  ah to keep us confused and make most of your money on the restocking charges when we are forced to return them!)  GREAT

So I found Darly some shoes a few months ago and ordered them without checking her current shoes that we inherited from a friend (BTW:  Thanks friend!  those shoes came at just the right time for us!  They've been a life saver!)  back to the story... so I'm online and find the shoes and order based on her current street shoe size and the website's recommendations on how much larger to order...only to get the shoes and find out that they are the EXACT same size as the shoes we already had that are tight!  ARGH!  The bad part they charged a $15 restocking fee.  phoey!

So I didn't return them.  I found someone in her class with smaller feet!  I'm selling them at a discount, but it's way less than the $15 restocking fee.  So we're all happy-ish.

Then I found these shoes today that I've just ordered.  All the reviews are glowing and I've ordered the right size...maybe a tiny bit bigger?  Hopefully they last the rest of the year, and even more hopefully I can then sell them to someone with feet smaller than BIGFOO... er Darly.


  1. I think shoes are one of the hardest things to buy mail order or via the internet. The different brand sizes just don't seem to match! Glad you found someone to buy the too-small ones. $15 restocking fee is a bit steep.

  2. Jazz shoes were such a pain! They even look small when they are in the box!! Hope they fit!