Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wrong Mommy

has this ever happened to you?  You are in a location and some small child who is focused on other things (toys, animals at the zoo, etc...) grabs your leg and finally looks up in total shock because YOU are NOT their parent.

I've had this happened more times than I can remember.  It doesn't seem to matter what you say to the poor child...they are just horrified at the mistake.  The latest time I was shopping at some place with a friend and while looking at some items a mom with her 3 very young ones came near to look in the same section.  I did notice that one child was rather close to me but chose to not say anything...I probably should have though because next she hugged my leg and looked up to ask me a question.  Her real mom was only 2 feet away with the other kids.  But I kinda felt bad having to say to the child "sorry honey, wrong mommy."

Real mom looks over, smiles and holds out her arms for her baby to come running into.  I smile at mom and walk away.

I think the funniest time this happened was at a Girl Scout meeting.  Mom was with older kiddos and the youngest runs over to me, grabs my leg and hollers at me that she's ready to go home.  I look down and tell her she's got the wrong mommy and she recoils in horror.  poor kiddo.  Luckily for her I wasn't a stranger.  But it has happened several times with kids I don't know too.

Usually the only resemblance I have to real mommy is that I'm wearing the "mom uniform" jeans and shirt for the season.  but at knee height I'm the right looking mommy. ;o)  I wonder how long this will last?

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  1. It's your mommy charisma Renee!