Sunday, March 13, 2011

:( shoes

I have this one pair of shoes that I like to wear to Church.  They're black and very basic, but they go with everything and they are so comfortable. 

If you know one thing about me, it is that I am NOT a slave to fashion!  I don't care how in something is, if it isn't comfortable, then I ain't buying it...I learned my lesson a long time ago with the 2 hour shoes.  (btw: I tried to pawn the 2 hour shoes off on Darly cuz she's my size now, and even she wouldn't go for them!)

So my very comfortable shoes are of course now showing their age and are in need of replacement.  And of course they stopped making this shoe "eons" I've been searching for something close.  I figured first I would try with the same brand of shoes.  I have no idea where I bought these shoes, so I look them up by brand online.  They're Mushrooms btw.

I find the Mushroom shoes website.  They don't sell the shoes there.  You have to go to one of three retailers for them...One of the 3 I've never heard of.  The other two are Famous Footwear & Mervyn's.  And of course neither of them really carry the shoes either.

More Googling and I find that Kmart actually carries the brand, but of course not my shoe.  Bummer!  And when looking at what they do carry, the ones I might try...not my size!  Double Bummer!  My size only comes in barf or sandals.

I then started shopping around for other comfy shoes...I'm still looking.

In other news: I got an email that Darly had put something she wanted on my ebay watch list and the auction was almost over.  Instead of bidding on that I bought myself a slow cooker. :p


  1. Don't you hate it when good products disappear for who knows what reason? Shoe comfort is of absolute importance though. Have you tried Earth Spirit? I think they're the most comfortable in my price range, though all their styles are very casual.

  2. Wow, you really did a hard target search. lol Reminds me of when Elaine was looking to stock up on the Today sponges.