Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As I mentioned in my first Shoe post...I found a deal on a crock pot that I was looking for online!  So I placed my my confirmation and waited.

Then the day that I was to get my slow cooker I get an email from Fedex that they BROKE my slow cooker right here in my very own city!  They were less than an hour from my house in bad traffic and they BROKE my slow cooker!  ARGH!

And then I hear nothing!  *chirp chirp!*

So I email the company...they assure me that yes I will be getting a new slow cooker as soon as possible.

And they thanked me for my patience too.  LOL I thought that was quite ironic since I wasn't being very patient about it, however they could have thwarted my impatience by simply emaiing me when they were notified that the slow cooker was broken...AND if they had sent out the new slow cooker as soon as they knew the other one was broken...but alas...I had to make contact.

Finally Fedex tells me my replacement slow cooker is on it's way.  Of course the day it is due to arrive, I have a bazillion things planned, but I didn't want to miss the I canceled those plans (no trip to the gym) and waited.

Fedex finally shows up at around noon!  and my slow cooker arrived in one piece...of course it was in a box large enough to ship a PERSON!  It's here and it looks fine...I've yet to clean and use it though...wish me luck!


  1. makes me wonder WHAT happened to the first Slow Cooker though. LOL

  2. I haven't used FedEx a ton. But I've always had good luck with UPS. They've even met me a couple of times when I wasn't home for a delivery and needed it that day.

    Wow. I think this might be the first serious/non-Seinfeld comment I've ever left here. Not that there's anything wrong with that.