Saturday, January 14, 2012

Costume Parade

Today is the costume parade for Mulan (Darly's current play).  A costume parade is a chance for the directors and kids to see what our hard working costume committee has come up with for them to wear.  We don't have all the costumes in place yet, but I'm fairly confident that we'll get that done today as we have a lot of outfits that aren't assigned yet.
Then we'll need to finish making the costumes.  We are all kicking ourselves for waiting until after the holiday to start sewing, but honestly we didn't want to have to do this at all!  I foresee a sweat shop of sorts going on in my sewing room this week.  ugh! 
I will say that I'm extremely pleased with what the other gals have come up with for our show.  One mom was tasked with outfitting our Huns and she did an awesome job!  Another mom was given the Mushu Dancers and I loved what she did, even though she's very nervous about it.  I hope that she's there to see the kids' reactions to her hard work.
I found out last night that YAY we don't have to come up with another 20 some-odd helmets for the kids.  One mom really doesn't want to dye her daughter's hair (I don't blame her one bit!) and was hoping for some head wear to hide the fact that she has red hair.  The director is okay with covering her hair with a cloth though.

Well I should shake a leg and a kid to get the ball rolling today.  I've got to run and get more fabric because I wasn't paying attention when I cut out one of the robes last night and now I don't have enough to make the robe...argh!

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