Monday, January 30, 2012

It is what it is

and the audience LOVES it!

The kids did an awesome job.  My Darly did her part so well that our Pastor couldn't recognize her until she did her line that she told him about.  I cannot wait until I can get some good pictures to show you.  For now, I'll post this one...

Darly is in orange.  She plays the Disney cartoon this character is only referred to as "The Archer"  Her character is ruthless and she plays it really well.  Everyone keeps telling her how well she is doing and she never breaks character. 


  1. Congratulations to Darly and her cohorts! The costumes turned out great. Looks like everyone is having fun and doing really well.

  2. Thanks so much Leigh! Darly & the little girl behind her were wearing fake fur vests that were donated to us. I made the orange robe that Darly is in. The coat that Shan Yu is wearing was donated, but I dyed it with coffee and then we added the fur collar. One of my costume moms attached fur and painted all those shirts for the other kids. She also made the hats on Shan Yu and the little boy in front of Shan Yu...kinda hard to see as it's a colander covered in fur. LOL