Thursday, September 20, 2012

clothing frustrations...I'm naming names!

So yesterday I took Darly shopping for her fall wardrobe because she refuses to quit growing and her clothes from last year aren't fitting.  sigh!

We looked at Target a little, but honestly the quality there is too cheap for the price they're asking.  And we didn't see anything that we liked.

So we went to Kohls.  And here is where things got interesting...

Darly currently has some Mudd girls size 14 jeans that fit in the waist but the length is a bit short on her.  So she tried on some size 16s.  I grabbed two skinny jeans and two flair jeans.  (unfortunately the two skinny jeans were the exact same pair...oops!)
I also grabbed a pair of SO jeans in size 16...I believe that they were bootcut.
And while looking in the Junior dept we picked out a few pair of Mudd Jeans in size 1.

Mudd 16 skinny - fit in the waist, too tight in the thighs, the length was very long and she didn't like the coloring on these (they had the bleached in distress marks)
Mudd 16 flair - were way too big in the waist...and even though they have adjustable waists, what 14y/o wants that???  oh and the length was too long.

SO 16 boot cut were just too big everywhere...we could pull those right off while zipped.

The Junior sized jeans were too tight and too low.  I'm not putting my 14y/o in super low rise jeans.  They are stupid, jeans are supposed to cover the entire bottom and underware.

So she tried on the Mudd 14 flair... um fit in the waist, but the length was too short.  grrr

Sales lady suggested that we try Levis.  I don't like the price on Levis, but we tried.  and even though we were in the 7-16 section, these were super low rise also.  I refuse to pay extra for less pant.

So sadly Darly did not get any new jeans.  We also struck out on shirts as the ones she picked out were itchy due to the cute silver threads in the material...soft on the outside, itchy inside.  Ummm Nope!

I sure miss the days when each size was the same, but now it isn't even the same with the same maker.


  1. This reminds me why I hate shopping! Seems like nothing fits anybody these days.

  2. I have found that most of my clothes wind up coming from Target lately. The quality is usually decent. I used to get most everything at Old Navy, but I don't know what's happened to them the past few years.

    Just be sure if you do buy any new pants and wind up having to return them, that you don't wear the pants you're returning. Unless, of course, you're writing your autobiography.

    1. I'll be sure to keep that in mind Bone. ;o)