Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Some creative financing...

Normally I just pay for everything using my cashback credit card and am fine with that.

However if I buy gift cards at my grocery store, I can earn more fuel points (=cheaper gas)

I have gift card that gives me 5% cash back when I use it.

so I use the cashback credit card to put money on the 5% gift card that I can use to buy other gift cards to earn more fuel points.

Confusing, I know.  But it is saving me money.


  1. I didn't find it all that confusing. :)

    I guess you could say I've learned about creative financing, too. I like saving money.

  2. now the problem is trying to find the store that has what we want in the right size without wasting gas to go buy the gift cards to pay for it. LOL

    Perhaps that is why no two sizes are the same.