Tuesday, September 25, 2012

wardrobe try two - another fail

So yesterday we were near the mall and decided to try there for Darly's fall wardrobe.

We went to lunch first and then headed over to JCPenney.  Part one of our problem is that I wanted to use my creative financing plan on this and did not have a gift card with me (didn't know how much of a card I would need!)  So we were just looking.

We did find things that fit and were acceptable (although no real winter clothing).  So my plan was to write down everything that we liked and then order them online using the gift card.

The problem is virtually NOTHING that we found in the store was available online!!!  See JCPenney has a creative financing thing of their own and where you used to be able to find everything that they sold online as they could just pull stock from a store if needed, they don't do that anymore.  What's in the store is what you get and what's online is all you can get.  They don't backorder, they don't restock.  You can't really call it catalog ordering anymore.  :p

So now I have to drive all the way back to the store as Darly really wants the cute owl shirt we found.

Sigh!  But at least we'll have the gift card with us.


  1. It seems to me that online on instore ought to work out the same somehow. I reckon I don't get why it's such a hassle for them to do that. Very annoying.

    1. What is uber-sad is that even their own employees in the store don't realize the new policy. They are still under the impression that if you can't find it in the store, you just order it...like you could since the beginning of JCP.
      I guess that like Sears you won't be able to order soon.