Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Ornament tutorial - felt dove

Here is how to make the felt dove ornament. [picture of finished ornament]

Supplies that you'll need:

Felt - I got these 9X11 sheets of felt at my local craft store for about 30 cents each and got about 5 ornaments per sheet.  You can also buy felt by the yard at fabric stores.
Pattern - I got this one from the internet.
Freezer Paper - from my grocery store
Embroidery Floss - from my craft store (I had some at home so I don't know how much it costs, but it's pretty cheap and a little goes a long way)
Polyfill stuffing - from your craft store.  I already had some, but I think they're only around $2.50 for a bag that will last you a very long time.  You could also use cotton balls, but they're pretty pricey. 
Pen, Scissors, Iron

Skills you'll need:
back stitching
blanket stitching
French knot for the dove's eye

First find your pattern and transfer it to the freezer paper's mat side.

Next iron the freezer paper (the glossy side) to your felt.

Now cut out your shapes.  don't worry, the directions for how to do this are on the freezer paper if you get the name brand. 

Note: Embroidery Floss comes in skeins that the floss is 6 threads thick.  Cut off about 18 inches of floss (or shorter - too long and you get a knotted mess!) now separate your floss into individual threads.  I used two threads in my design, but you can use 3 if your colors are close and you want to see your design better.

Next we'll put our design on one of the dove's sides (you'll use two dove cut outs for each ornament).  I used a French Knot to make the dove's eye.  Then I started back stitching the words I wanted on my dove.

Don't make your stitches too tight so that if you make a mistake you can pull out the stitches and try again.

Once your dove has the design you want you'll next want to sew the two halves together with a blanket stitch.  Make sure to cut a length of Embroidery Floss to make a hanger with.  Don't separate these threads, just knot it and stitch that in while you're blanket stitching. 

Leave about an inch open and stuff with polyfill until your dove is as full as you want it.  You don't need to make your dove too fat and you still have to close him up.

Now close up your dove and you're done!

Merry Christmas!

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