Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Tonight is supposed to be our Advent Service with a cookie exchange.  I say supposed because we are getting hit today with quite a bit of snow and while the weather radar shows that this should pass soon, it doesn't appear to be following the plan.

Now as you know I am highly allergic to snow.  So I'm staying hunkered down inside right now and medicating with hot chocolate.

Hopefully this cloud moves on and I'll be able to shovel or sweep off the snow (that the wind is doing a really good job of taking care of at the moment) so that we can get out and not be snow bound... especially since my teenage daughter claims that there is "nothing to eat" in the house.

Oh, I should get my "nothing to eat" roast in the crock pot!


  1. Um, pictures?

    (Of the snow, not the roast. Although that would be OK, too.)

  2. Sweet! I take back all the things I grieved against you at Festivus :)

  3. Just looking at your pictures makes me feel cold! We've gotten tons of rain and now cold winds. Brrrr.