Thursday, December 13, 2012

What we're up to now...

well aside for taking care of Lilly and getting ready for Christmas things here are pretty calm.

Darly isn't doing a play right now, but she and I are helping some with the current show.  I'm supposed to have this weekend off though.  I hope that still stands and that the chairperson let her co-chair know that. ;)

Darly is singing in our church choir instead.  She's having a great time and loves singing.  I don't think that she'll try a solo again (she did last year for Christmas) but one can never tell.  So our Thursday nights are pretty busy as she has a class from 4:30 to 6:30 and then choir practice is at 7.  We have fun trying to figure out how to get some food into her.

Hubby decided to wait until last weekend to finally show us his Christmas wish list.  How funny that I had totally forgotten him mentioning (very casually of course) the things on the list.  The one year I paid attention to those casual mentions I got in trouble for getting him everything he asked for.  So since I didn't pay attention I bought him things I thought he pants to replace the ones he insists still fit him from his High School wardrobe that don't.  I'm sure I'll have to take the new pants in though because unlike Jerry changing his 34's into 31's, I know that these pants will be at least 4 inches too big in the waist.  *roll eyes!*

Darly asked for sensible things this year however finding her sweaters has been quite a challenge.  I don't know what is up with the buyers for stores... it is winter, in Colorado... we NEED sweaters that actually keep you warm.  Not that you have to put another shirt on under...because while we will put another shirt on it is because we're heading out into sub zero temps...not to look cute!


and our latest project

One of the ladies at church requested that our Youth group look into getting Christmas Ornaments with our church logo on them for a fundraiser.  But when I looked into doing that the prices were CRAZY expensive.  One gal had suggested that I look into those places that will put your logo on the round glass ball ornaments... but they want set up charges and a minimum order...  looking at at least $350 just to get going.  OYE
I also looked into those places where you can DIY your logo on their stuff.  But their ornaments were around $12 each plus shipping.  And then when I set up our account, they put our logo on everything BUT the ornaments.  I needed the "Premium" account to choose the products.

So instead I looked into just making ornaments our selves.  And I came up with two really cute ideas that aren't too hard to do.  Sorry I don't have pictures of them here yet, I forgot to take the pictures and then left the ornament samples at church... so I have to make some more and then get your pictures.

Pictures coming soon... I promise.

As promised...

After I get some more photos, I'll do a post on how I made them with a cool trick for how to cut out the doves!


  1. I think your ornaments look so much better than commercially ordered ones. Who wouldn't want one of yours on their tree!

    1. Leigh: You're right. I took just the two to church on Wednesday for the Advent service. Folks were fascinated at how I got the logo inside the glass ornament and really like both of them. I have orders for 5 of the doves and 4 of the glass...and that was just about 1/3 of our congregation seeing them.
      Today should be crazy! I wish I was more motivated to make more of the doves as they take longer to do. Well I'll regret procrastinating on them this afternoon. ;)