Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Ornament tutorial - Round ornament

Here is how to make the round ornament  [picture of finished ornament]

Supplies you'll need:
round flat ornaments - from craft store
school glue
transparency sheets - from office supply store
permanent markers
paint brush, scissors, pattern, funnel

Skills needed:
Actually this ornament is very easy and looks complicated.  You'll amaze your friends with it.

First step- Glitterizing the back of the ornament.

Water down the glue so that it is more runny.  I think ours was not quite one part water to one part glue.  Using a paint brush, transfer some glue to only the back of the ornament's inside [picture of glue & putting it in] drain out excess glue - make sure to not get any glue on the front side of the ornament.

Now using a funnel pour in your glitter into the ornament and after covering the back, shake out the excess glitter.  Allow to dry completely.

While your glitter is drying you can make the design sheets.  Trace your design or pattern onto the transparency sheets with your permanent markers, making sure your design is just a tiny bit smaller than the diameter of your ornament.  (I used 3 inch diameter ornaments, they do come bigger)  {note: I tried to just print off my design using my computer's printer but I couldn't get the toner to dry on the sheets... I suppose that I could have put the design on with the printer and then just gone over it with the markers, but my way was cleaner.} 

Cut out your transparency film in a circle to fit inside the ornament.

Now roll your transparency film into a tube so you can fit it into the neck of the ornament.  We found that rolling so that the design was on the outside of the roll worked better for the next step. 

shove your rolled up transparency into the ornament.  If it doesn't pop open all the way, you can use your paint brush handle to help it and then your fingers to adjust the design so that it sits in the right direction.

almost done!

Now put the cap/wire thingy back on and add a ribbon bow to the neck of your ornament to hide that wire that holds the thing together! 

Merry Christmas!

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