Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Camping Reports

We're back from our camping trip early. I see that no one came to clean the bathrooms...must find a better incentive!

I'm going to let everyone tell you about our trip...first off...LILLY!

The FOOD report. Well I like camping because of all the food. Especially when we go camping with our friends with the bazillion kids. (editor's note: they actually only have 6 kids, for a total of 8 kids camping.) There was food hitting the ground everywhere! I was eating like a Queen! (except she looked like a pig with all the mud on her face from eating off the ground!) Mom gave me my regular food, but she added some yummy water to it (hot dog water) which made it taste gooder. Mom also gave me a bunch of tater chips (they fell on the ground when I opened up the car). The bazillion kids gave me some pancakes and some smores, but mom screached at me when I tried to pick up the chocolate and moved a box over the chocolate so I couldn't get it...bummer! I made sure that our campground wouldn't attract any bears or other wild things by picking up all the food that hit the ground. I also made sure to clean up Darly's plate so it would be all ready for the washing pot.

The SNUGGLE report. Well with all those kids there was bound to be lots of snuggles and I was right. Those kids were all over me...who can blame them? What's not to like with this cute face and extra soft fur??? And Mom gave me lots of snuggles too since she was proud at how well I was listening to her...except for the smores part, but I couldn't help it that that lady put the smores on a table that was just perfect for me to get at. She should have put it up higher.

The EXTRA DOG report. The lady with the bazillion kids also brought along her two dogs. They were okay ...well almost okay. The one kept baying at me...he's a hound dog and everytime he wanted something he bayed...he was baying lots. I came up and said hi to both dogs...but they were on chains so if they bugged me too much I just walked out of their chain range. Mom let me be off my chain for most of the time and I was pretty much good. I always came back when Mom called so I got extra snuggles for that.

The SLEEPING report.

Well here's my sleeping quarters. You can see behind me that Mom & Darly had nicer accomodations. But Mom did bring my favorite blanket and some extra blankets too which was a good thing cuz I wanted to sleep in front of the door. It took a while for me to go to sleep cuz the lady with the bazillion kids and two dogs kept hollering at her brood to quite down, go to sleep, shut up, quit kicking your sister. I kept trying to tell them to quite down, but Mom & Darly kept telling ME to be quite...I was just trying to help. I woke up and Mom & Darly wouldn't get up, they kept telling me to get out of their faces and let them sleep. The sun was up, what's with these lazy bones? *sigh*

Okay Lilly, that's enough. Let's give the rest of us a chance to talk now... Darly you're up.

Oh Hi! Well this camping trip wasn't as much fun as some of the other times we went cuz of all the rain. I got lots of play time with one of my friends and we did lots together, but the rain made things cold. Mom and I were having a nice time reading & doing crafts in the tent which was fine by me, but then our friends decided that they wanted to leave. I kinda wanted to stay and camp but Mom told me that Kennedy's mom wanted to leave and Kennedy wouldn't want to leave if we were still there and Kennedy would want to play with me and I don't like Kennedy all that much cuz all she wants to do is play the same game over and over and I don't really like that game at all. So I said it would be nice to go home and have dinner with we packed up. Well Mom packed up while I played some more. I wanted to help and I did some helping.

Well this picture of me looks terrible...but that's what I look like when I'm camping. We had a new tent for this trip and we had cots which made the sleeping better, except for our blankets slid off onto the floor. I'll have to come up with a better system for that. Our new tent is very nice and much more roomy. We didn't feel like sardines in there so reading in the tent was much nicer. And this trip wasn't as cold as our last attempt at camping.

But keeping a fire going with all the rain took a lot more wood. I think we used 8 bundles of wood! I'm so glad I finally got a stove which made dinner much smoke in the face and I finally had a NICE CUP OF COFFEE for breakfast.

Lilly is snoring beside me and Darly is sleeping upstairs in her bed. I'm on my way to visit everyone who came to see me while we were gone.


  1. Loved the report from Lilly, sounds like she had a pretty good time. I also like the picture of you it made me smile!

  2. Great trip report - I give all of you an A+

  3. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Can't begin to count how many camping trips I went on with family and girl scouts. Even survivored the rain, over and over.

    You will have fun in Williamsburg!

  4. I want to go camping!!!!! Thats not fair..My Williamsburg trip is coming up though!

  5. Anonymous4:40 AM

    i'm glad lily had such a wonderful experience. we haven't camped for years, now that we have our dog, i don't think it's something we would think of doing, i never thought to bring a dog, but looking back, i can remember dogs being there.
    so......maybe next summer.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time camping! I bet it was a little chilly and rainy though... Loved Lilly's report, she's a great writer! :)

    RYC-Next time you're over I'll show you the remains of our original driveway... there are just a few ruts left. It looks better now...

  7. Lilly - what a great report! You could give The Miles Report some compeitition! - Sammy

  8. Great report Lilly. So nice to enjoy your camping from the comfort of my own home. Miles Meezer gives good reports too. The more the merrier, I say.

  9. Reading this brings back good childhood memories for me as we camped a lot. I know the rain doesn't seem like much fun at the time, but it makes the trip all that much more memorable. Gosh, now I'm hungry for roasted hot dogs and s'mores!

  10. Sorry to hear about the rain. I'm sure it stopped the day you came home! LOL! Love the doggie picture!

    The Pink Diary

  11. I'm sorry you got rained on again! I guess this is what it's like for all those regular folks who don't have a drought going on. I'd forgotten what it was like to get rained on regularly!

  12. I think you had a wonderful time! I loved the pictures, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  13. Your picture looks great! It reminds me of my agent's "Weekend Hair," where she has it back in bobby pins all weekend.

    She says it is part of her summer "uniform."

    You look relaxed and like you're having a great time!

  14. What a great post! Sounds like Lilly and her humans had fun. Also sounds like it may have been a noisy, yummy time! :)