Thursday, September 07, 2006

Looking for my Thursday Thirteen?

click HERE!


  1. I think you were the very first one accepting the challenge!!! very nice list. Happy Thursday! I specially like your nr. 13, it is important to feel loved by those who really matter.

  2. Hi Renee. Thank you for visiting my blog. So nice of Catzee to send you my way (she really is a sweetheart though she loves to give Rascal a run for his money.) I've been reading your blog since Wendy's auditions and really enjoy it.

    Oh, and yes, I do spin my angora! Wonderful fluff. Angoras require a lot of care however. Sometimes I wish I had a "regular" bunny just because I like rabbits so much.

  3. I was just over at Wendy's and had to run over here to congratulate you on being a Casting Call Winner! Well done and well earned.