Saturday, September 02, 2006

More blog worthy stuff...

Yesterday on the way home one of my new favorite songs came on the radio..."Wherever We Go" by the Newsboys.

And DH says that in his head is what he thinks the video for this song should be. Click on the ***** for the rest of this because I think Darly's funny is better than this. Dh's idea is really stupid & childish.

Okay, first of all for those of you who do not already know this, the Newsboys are from Austrailia and Peter Fuller has a very heavy accent. He's the lead singer. So the word Party kinda sounds like Potty. (well at least to some people...DH)

So from the chorus:
hands up, holler back here
let's throw this party in gear
we brought the welcome mat
wherever we go, that's where the party's at

Dh thinks the video shows a guy holding a potty and he throws it into a gear. from the line "let's throw this party in gear.." And then from the line "wherever we go, that's where the party's at.." shows a guy going potty and the potty suddenly appears there because wherever he goes that's where the potty's at.

I guess for some people the world should just be a little too literal.

See, I told you this was stupid. Sorry if you feel you wasted your time. DH is not normally this way. I should find something good to post about him. Quick!


  1. Hi there, I love your site.. fellow mother of 2.. Its great that mothers from all over the world can chat and share our family moments. I love the things my 10 year old has to say.. we laugh so hard we cry!
    Have a great day and I won't comment on the potty :) hehe

    PS: Wendy directed me here today

  2. Well, that was pretty creative of DH but I don't think he'll be directing any music videos any time soon. LOL!

    The Pink Diary

  3. LOL@DH Men can be such noodles sometimes!

  4. Very funny....but I don't think it would get played on TBN anytime soon! But it did make me laugh.

    I can't wait to hear the details about the trip. I'm jealous, but excited for you.

    Wendy sent me to see you!

  5. Ahh, I forgot to say that Wendy sent me!

  6. I think that is very very clever! Not stupid, at all!
    Wendy sent me tonight and I'm happy to meet you!

  7. That totally sounds like something my husband would say. LOL!

    (Wendy sent me...)

  8. I can't see that becoming the video, but oh how I would like to see it nonetheless!

    We have a warped sense of humor in my house!

  9. Hi Renee, I have been past Parker on my motorcycle on my way to Denver once. That is so cool that you have rabbits. I am very familiar with The House Rabbit Society. When I had a house rabbit, I got wonderful info on how to take care of her. Some day I want another rabbit, an Angora. I'm already aware they are a lot of work, as they need lots of brushing.

    Oh, Wendy directed me here today.

  10. Well you know we have to humour them sometimes! Wendy sent me to see you. Have a great Labor Day!

  11. Wow, this is so much fun. I just came over from Jus Me. I think I beat you. I took a short cut on my motorcycle, lol.

    Wendy sent me.

  12. Hello Renee,
    It is nice to meet you and find out what how your dh thinks. LOL. Wendy directed me here... and from the looks of it, I am going to have to change my name.. it keeps putting my other name in but this is Jennifer aka Sabapaks and not Regina.

  13. Renee, I found her (Jennifer) farther up the comment is

  14. he, he. Happy Labor Day!! :)

  15. Hi, I just dropped by from Wendy's. Nice to meet you.

  16. Hey Renee - I think the male mind works much differently than the female mind. Have fun in Williamsburg!

  17. Hello Renee. Thank you for visiting my blog. It was nice to meet you at Wendy's auditions.

    I think your solution about our scratching post was the most sensible suggestion yet. After all, a Cat only cares about something as long as they want it.

    My Mom was interested in your blog because she used to homeschool too. Also we saw you are a member of the house rabbit society. We used to have rabbits too.