Monday, September 18, 2006

silly rabbit

Darly came upstairs from feeding the rabbits and told me that Trudy had gotten herself stuck in the towel. Oh my.

Darly said that she had tried to get the towel off, but couldn't.
I asked if she was struggling and Darly said that she was that's a good thing.
So I ran downstairs and sure enough she was sitting there, pretty as you please, with a towel wrapped around her body.

She had chewed a hole in the towel that was big enough for her head and front paws, but that's all. So I reached in to where she was and she ducked her head from me, but didn't run off. I'm assuming that maybe she couldn't run off.

I picked her up and noted how blog worthy she was. She wasn't in any noticable distress, so I told Darly to go get the camera. We took her picture so you all can laugh at her see what she did.

Then I set her down so I could get a good look at the situation. Well she was stuck. There was no backing her out or pulling her through. So I had Darly run back upstairs for scissors. As I was trying to get the scissors between her and the towel without hurting Trudy she decided to wiggle. I tried to throw the towel over her head to calm her down but that wasn't working. So I picked her up and was able to get the scissors in where I needed them and I cut the towel. Then I set her back down to see if she was indeed free and she hopped away...under the work table.

Darly, ever the mother, was worried that I wouldn't catch her... but I wasn't concerned and sure enough Trudy decided that under the workbench was not where she wanted to be and let me take her back to Trina who was hiding in a box and promptly thumped at me when I came in.

I'm sure both rabbits are now eating and talking trash about me.

My new pretty purple corderoy shirt was covered in rabbit fur (no that wasn't the look I was going for today.) So I had to use the lint roller on it. That took two sheets of lint tape and I'm still not hare free.


  1. What a cute bunny! I think this is the first photo I've seen of you (other than your avatar)'re so pretty!!

  2. I remember when we had a bunny. We put a diaper on it with a hole cut out for it's tail and let her hop around the house!

    The Pink Diary

  3. oh poor bun! she's cute! sorry you gotted furs on you. Our mommy cannot go anywhere wifout a pound and a half of our furs on her.

  4. Hahah that's a great story and a very cute bunny!! I'm sorry that she shead all over your shirt though!

  5. nice to know that rabbits are the same as other pets. Always getting into something.

    If I don't talk to you before your trip, have a lovely time! The weather in VA should be nice in the afternoons, a little cooler in the a.m. Look forward to photos!

  6. Aww, that is so cute!

    I want to get a bunny someday. And I'll be bothering you for much advice :)

  7. HaHa! Bunnies are so funny. I know I shouldn't laugh and I wouldn't if Trudy had been hurt. Ours used to like to chew up towels. Mom still has a couple with holes in them.

  8. Poor bun! I'm glad everything worked out. That must have been scary for her to be trapped that way.

  9. very cute bunny.

    Here from Wendy's

  10. I was wearing a black t-shirt at the fair the other day and was COVERED with mostly white rabbit fur. yeah, I guess I should have worn my silly-looking smock!!

    p.s. my blog has moved -- new address is