Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm back...

We got back from Vacation very late last night...

our plane got in at 7:30pm and then we had to wait for the shuttle to take us to our car...on the way it stopped at a hotel which was a total shock to me!!! And we had to stop the driver from unloading our bags at the hotel.

Then we drove to MIL's to pick up our very Happy dog who was fitting in just fine at Grandma's house, but also extreemly glad that we came to get her. I think she thought that Grandma's was her new home... She sniffed Darly and didn't think too much of her, but once she sniffed me she was like "OH BOY! IT'S MOMMY!!!!!!!!!"

We then drove home and arrived sometime around 10pm or so. I had to unload the suitcase quickly or DH would have taken it upstairs and I wanted the dirty laundry to stay by the washing machine.

I then conked out on the couch...zzzz

In case you're wondering, I did have internet access during our trip, but I just lurked at your blogs. You'll hear all about it when I post my vacation stories...yes, Dawn with pictures. It's coming soon. Today I'm doing laundry and all the back from vacation chores...like weeding through the mail & email & voice mail.


  1. Glad to hear you're back and waiting on hearing about your trip!

  2. Gla you're back!

  3. I was wondering where you were. Hope you had a good trip. Where'd you go?

  4. welcome back!! :)