Friday, July 18, 2008

the camping report

TC said...
Well, I'm scared! I guess I'll stay home. (Have fun!)
Lynn said...
Hope you camping trip was as fun as ours:~) Can't wait to hear about it.

Joan said...
Oh boy...camping! I can't wait to hear all about your adventure. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Maura said...
Love the attack rabbits, too cute! Have a great time camping...

Kailani said...
The one on the right looks a little scary!

Jen said...
They're FIERCE!

He he! You all are funny. Actually Kailani, you picked the one rabbit that would give you a hard time. She’s our “grumpy bunny” although the other one is also grumpy, but she’ll just run away. Trudy the one on the right, will try to scare you off.

Well camping went very well. Thanks to my checklist I didn’t forget anything (well except to check my salt supply, but I didn’t need it.)
I took a break in my packing on Wednesday to eat lunch and blog a bit (such a time killer!) and we didn’t get to the campground until about 1:30pm…good thing it’s close!
Heather was already there, but she had only beat me by about 30 minutes. She was still getting her tent up when I got there, which gave me plenty of time to get everything unloaded from my car, cuz Heather had to borrow my car to run and get the rest of her stuff…her car wasn’t big enough for 5 kids and all the gear she needed. I watched the kiddos and got my campsite set up while she was gone.
Then K & R showed up. They had a bit of fun finding me because they were looking for my car and Heather had it. Oops! But they did find me and get settled too. Soon enough Heather was back with her gear and all set too.
Wednesday was HOT! and dusty. By the end of the day we were all sweaty and covered in dust. Blech! :p We were all very tired and ended up having dinner a bit late. Many of us (ME!) didn’t put on our sunscreen soon enough and got sunburned…oh and seeing as the kids thought a game of pass RenĂ©e’s hat was in order, I didn’t have my hat on to protect me.
We were going to make fire starters using lint, toilet paper tubes and wax…but I found that just using the lint worked great! I’m now making a bag in my laundry room for collecting my firestarters! My dead tree fire wood worked just great! I had a blazing fire going really quickly.
Dinner was great! Smores were greater ;o)… but come bed time it was so hot! I have NEVER been camping in Colorado and had it be that hot in my tent come bedtime. I spent most of my night trying to get my tent vented just right so that I could sleep…sigh!
Thursday was much cooler. We woke to a nice warm morning…so warm that I didn’t bother to heat my pre-made coffee (I make a pot at home, fix it up the way I like it and then cool it quickly…it’s then good hot or cold.) I did use my camp stove to heat some water for Darly’s oatmeal…and since I was at it, I made some grits for me. No, not those durn 20 minute grits they use in the south! I made instant grits from a packet…just like Darly’s oatmeal! I tossed in some cheddar cheese and you would never know they weren’t slow cooked. Okay maybe if you normally have slow cooked grits all the time you might notice, but they were good anyway!
We had activites that we brought for the kids to play, but they came up with their own games all by themselves. The girls played “Girl Scout Camp” where they pretended to be at Girl Scout camp…Darly & Iona were able to tell the other girls just how it goes. They kept trying to get one of us adults to be the camp director, but we didn’t play. The kids made crafts and used magnifying glasses to burn leaves (but only in the dirt…we didn’t want to burn down the campground!)
Sleeping on Thursday night went much better. A cold front had moved in and made it much nicer in the tents. I was cold this morning and put on my sweats until after breakfast.
We broke camp this morning after breakfast and were all out of there by about 10 I guess cuz by the time I got my shower (which was after the dog’s bath and unloading of the car) it was just noon.
Darly & I watched “Alvin & the Chimpmunks” this afternoon while I did camp laundry…I had to wash the sleeping bags too cuz they were dirty from all that lovely dirt. :P I should go check my camp dishes.


  1. I am NOT a camper, so KUDOS to you, my friend!! :)

    And, Alvin & the Chipmunks is THE BEST! Loved it! ;)

  2. Sounds fun... even if it was so hot! I've been camping when it's sooooooooooo hot that sleep is not possible: sucks!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time. :) Hot nights though are no good!

  4. Wow...your camping adventure sure does sound like fun (a camping trip just wouldn't be the same without the smores) but I'm not sure I could tolerate the heat and dust!

  5. I'm beginning to realize how resourceful children are. They can make pretty much a game out of anything!

    Glad you had a great time!

  6. I'm glad you guys had a good time.

    I think we should get someone in to fix the weather machinery, it's running pretty hot these days...