Friday, July 11, 2008

Off to the hills!

Darly & I are heading up to Snowmass Village to see my newest nephew get baptised on Sunday. The trip route is planned out. I've even checked out which towns along the way have food that miss picky will eat...where did I put my list???

Things left to do here...
make sure that DH & DD sign the gift cards
pack clothes!
take care of the rabbits and give them enough goodies for two days.
pack snacks & water for the drive

Don't forget the camera & batteries!
stop by the store and pick up the cookies
drive forever!

DH has to work, but not to worry...our ferrocious attack dog Lilly will be on high alert Photobucket (probably sleeping!) Photobucket

I'll post again hopefully Sunday night...but more likely on Monday. See ya!


  1. I hope you guys have a great time, and I love the expression on your face :)

    PS. You should resize the pics before you post. Do you have windows xp?

  2. Opps, I forgot to mention with the PS, the image resizer is what you want since it's a fairly easy thing to run - just right click and resize image. :)

  3. Have fun!
    She looks vicious!!! LOL!

  4. hope you guys have a blast! as for the comment box, you have to be using Blogger in Draft. it's not an "open to the public" function just yet. once you log in to BID, you'll find the new comment setting. it's listed as "embedded" something or other.

  5. Why did I think you were camping with HN's family? I knew you were shopping for baptism presents. I'm a loser...

  6. Hope you ended up having a good trip! The pics cracked me up! :)

  7. I am sure you had fun! Loved the pics :)

  8. Hope you had a great time, and that your dog didn't have to eat anybody.