Monday, July 07, 2008

Speaking of Summer Vacations...

Our family is just a tiny bit odd. We don't take our vacation in the Summer (UNLESS a certain SIL schedules a reunion or wedding for the July 4th weekend...when she KNOWS her town has a HUGE race and all the hotels will be booked! oops! sorry for that rant!)

anyway we like to take our vacation in Late September or in October. Why? you might ask? Well duh! Everyone else is busy at work and all the kids are in school. So wherever we go the crowds are not there!!! It's a very cool deal...and speaking of deals, we usually get some good ones too! Nuttin like "off-season" vacations.

I was pondering where we should go for our Vacation this year. And I know that my mother will be disappointed that we are not considering a trip to FL, especially since we went to MI last year. She gets all bent out of shape when it isn't fair. She feels that we should spend one vacation with DH's family and then the next with mine. Ummmm NO! Vacations should be fun. They should not an obligated visit with the relatives.

Oh and we just had a month and a half long visit with mother dear right here in my own house!!! YIKES!

When I brought this up at dinner this evening, Darly said that she did NOT want to go to FL...and who can blame her. Seeing her Nana is about as much fun as watching paint dry. Even I don't want to go. LOL!

So instead I need some options on where we should go.

Darly wants to go to American Girl Place. I'm just seeing dollar signs there. LOL! But we could manage one if we went to CA.

DH would like to take advantage of the Hero Salute program. We could do this if we go to Sea World in San Diego.

And that means a trip to Disneyland...right? hee hee

I think we could make that work with our budget. I just need to see what deals they are offering.

I'm also willing to hear your suggestions for a good place to go for our vacation. Remember though that we will be traveling in the Fall, so no place that we are likely to get snowed in please...I'm allergic to snow.


  1. SoCal sounds like a great idea to me. I miss California. And New York. And the beach.

    Or you could always do The Hamptons. I have a fake house up there now, you know, with horses. Snoopy and Prickly Pete.

  2. No mom paint is MUCH more fun!!!

  3. We're planning on going to Disneyland in October. Maybe we'll see you there!


  4. We did AG Place in NYC and it was worth every last penny! LLB loved it!

    We did Disneyland in CA when we went - it was fun! There is also Knotts Berry Farm, Legoland (a blast!!!), and SeaWorld.

    I'm sure you can find some educational stuff to fill in if you feel the need.

    Have you considered heading south where it tends to stay warmer longer? NC beaches are terrific! Although, I guess it depends how late in the fall you intend to travel.

    You did Williamsburg - how about DC? All the museums are free and the activities are terrific.


  5. I really liked San Diego when I was there a few years ago. If you go, hit up the zoo. No seriously, it's huge!!!! And crazy.

    I think most of my other recommendations all have that possibility of snow that time of year, lol. And I'm allergic too ;-)

  6. California sounds fun, that's my vote!!

  7. I definitely vote for Southern California...who knows...if you visit kids and I might just have to call in sick that day, then maybe we could meet you at Disneyland:~)

  8. I'm with Lynn...Southern California is the place to be. And I would certainly invite myself to go along with her and the family to Disneyland to spend a great day with you!

  9. I agree with Bone...NEW YORK! There's an American Girl Shop there-it's on 5th Avenue (I believe). I walked through it because I wanted to see why my little cousins love the place. Ok, and I used to love the books.

    CA would be great as well. I've never been there.

    Portland is a fun place. It would be pretty in the fall. You guys could do some hiking. You seem like an outdoor family?

  10. I don't actually have any great ideas, although Seaworld sounds fun!

    I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving get well wishes for my friend.

  11. I'm so excited for these summer vacations, have planned a long family trip.