Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today I opened an email that I almost deleted...and apparently I HAD deleted their first attempt to contact me. Even though I have requested NUMEROUS TIMES for them to put "Girl Scouts" in the subject line I keep getting emails regarding Girl Scouts with no mention of it... oh well. I'm sure they'll call me if it's really important...I know they have the number, cuz they did call about our Troop's financial report.

Today's email was informing me that I am required to take some more Leader Training and there was an attached doccument that had a listing of the locations for the training...none of the locations anywhere near me! (most locations were 30 to 40 minutes away) All of the classes are 3 hours LONG! and all of them set up for times that would be impossible for me to attend. (most of the start times were between 5pm and 6pm...my DH doesn't get home from work until 5pm to be able to watch Darly.)

But listed on the attached doccument (with the classes listed) was a note that EVENTUALLY this class would be available either online or on a CD! YAY!

So I emailed the gal it said to send your questions to and asked about the expected availability of the online or CD class. She said it would be at least two months, BUT that they had opened up 3 more classes and I should go sign up for one of those.

I explained to her that the classes were not on a day that worked for me, not at a time that worked for me AND not at a location that worked for me. I did this nicely. I explained that Sunday would NOT work for me because it is Family Day.

She responds back that it wasn't like they were asking me to take this training every year and that I should do the class. I just deleted her last email and said a not very nice word (only in my head) to describe this person...as I'm sure she is probably thinking the exact same word about me.

You know for an organization that depends on volunteers they sure don't treat their volunteers very well. They all seem to have the mentality that if they can do this, we should be able to drop everything and do it too.

I'm thinking that instead of deleting her email, I should have asked her what were they going to do if I didn't take the training. LOL!

This isn't the first time I've thought about DEFECTING from Girl Scouts. It isn't as if we NEED them for much. Really the only reason we have the troop is so we can sell & eat the Girl Scout cookies. Anyone can go into the council office and buy the uniforms & patches.


  1. Yuck, they sure aren't very nice to you. Don't they realize what a gem you are?!! ;) Hrmph!!

  2. Possible comebacks for you to use on the Girl Scout gal:

    "I was an ambassador when you were nothing but a brownie!"

    (Romanian gymnast accent): "You may sell trefoils, but you are no Girl Scout."

    OK, that's all I got.

    No, no, wait... "Oh yeah? Well the jerkstore called, and they're runnin' outta you!"

  3. I hate when non-profit type organizations are rude to their volunteers. It's so hard to get people to give up their time. When things like this happens, it just makes it harder for other organizations to get volunteers. You deserve a Gold Star for hanging in there, and I'm sure nothing will happen if you don't do the class.

  4. See, this is why I never liked Girl Scouts. My troop was not a good group to belong to, and our troup leader was a not so nice word. I was glad to be out of it. But I'm always envious of girls who had a great girl scouting experience :)

    Hope things work out in your favor!

  5. LOL, I wonder too what would happen if you did not take that training!!!
    ( I am slowly catching up and it is not easy !)

  6. I think I'd skip the training and make them hunt me down to take it.

  7. It would be cool if you could just do the training at home. I hope they hurry up and get the online or CD class up and running.

  8. i'm all about the cookies! stick with it for the cookies! :)