Saturday, July 05, 2008

What I did for my summer vaca.... wait a minute!

this wasn't my summer vacation! This was just a Holiday. Okay, now that we have that figured's what we did.

We were invited to go along with a friend to a museum... BUT instead we stayed home and cleaned the house. We started off by attacking the bathrooms with poisonous chemicals that claim to remove hard water stains...yeah right! I'm gonna go back to Comet and Bleach...they work. Oh yeah and some vinegar too. Seeing as I have to use elbow grease anyway, I might as well use the cheap stuff instead of paying so much for stuff that doesn't do any better. sigh

Then it was time for the vacuume. I got the downstairs. I was also injured by the jumped up and cut my leg. Okay, okay...what really happened is that I was trying to step over the canister (that always manages to get in the way!) and my leg was scrapped on the back side of it. They should really just design those suckers in a pillow or something. Then it wouldn't hurt me or my walls & furniture. Oh well. Now someone will come out with one that is all padded, but I won't get any credit, cash or even a padded vacuume cuz the one I have right now is still working!

After we cleaned the house we headed over to Home Depot cuz they had a 10% discount for DH. We looked at trees and played in their sprinkler. We didn't buy a tree. DH looked at fertilizer. We bought fertilizer. We looked at kitchen countertops & sinks. We didn't buy either of those...even though they're on sale this weekend. We looked at kitchen faucets. I picked out one that I like. We didn't buy a faucet. Then we looked at sprinkler parts. We bought sprinkler parts. And finally we looked for lightbulbs and bought those too.

I made my most favorite potato salad. (I actually did that before we went to Home Depot, but it's here with my dinner spread!)

Potato Salad
2 lbs of Red potatoes cubed
8 oz of fresh mushrooms sliced
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1/2 cup chopped dill pickles
8 oz sour cream
8 oz mayonaise
1 tbsp Dill Weed

cook the potatoes in salted water until fork tender, adding the mushrooms about 3 minutes before the potatoes will be done so they can cook too. Drain and cool completely (if you add the rest while the potatoes are still warm, the potatoes will "suck up" all your mayo/stuff and it won't taste good!)

while the potatoes are cooking mix the remaining ingredients and let it chill in the frig.

once everything is good and cold, mix together well and let chill some more. The longer it sits the better the salad will taste. Stir well before serving. YUM!

I also grilled up cheeseburgers, with some garlic & butter covered veggie flavored noodles...(ya know those noodles that are red, orange & green)...and to keep the troops happy we also had potato chips (cuz they weren't eating my salad...they don't know what they are missing!)

After dinner and some playing around we watched some great fireworks put off by our town. They were shot off right down the road from us and our family room couch was the perfect place to watch the show.

The only way it could have been better was if the show was set to music (like they do in Tampa) where you tune in your radio to a certain station and it's all set. They would play songs like "They're Commin To America" and such and the fireworks are going off to that. Way cool! Oh well, maybe one day.

I found out this morning that some of my friends went to see fireworks and their shows were truncated due to fire. Seems the folks setting of the shows set some grass fires. Luckily the fires were small and put out quickly...but the shows were cancled.

There were plenty of other fireworks to view though cuz even though it is illegal in most towns to shoot off your own fireworks, that doesn't seem to stop anyone from doing it. I suppose that if you do shoot off your own fireworks and something catches fire you're in BIG TROUBLE!!!

Today we didn't do much of anything important. Oh wait...we did laundry. are your eyes rolling? mine are. I think I still have laundry to put away too. oh joy!


  1. Hahha mean vacuum... tell it to behave!!

  2. Pillows for Vacuums?!?! LOL there is an idea... market that! ;)

    Sounds like a good 4th... you could really see it frmo the couch? Next year I am coming to YOUR house ;)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful 4th, Renee! Sometimes it's just great to kick back with family and friends, no?

  4. Next year, I'm coming to your house to eat! Love the idea of a padded putting extra "padding" (read that as fat) on your body... and it beats living in a padded room:~)

  5. thanks a lot, renee! now i'm starving and craving cheeseburgers and potato salad!!! :)

  6. oh how me love potato salad! I had some the night before my 5k race the other day and I'd swear it was the key to my super-impressive performance!

  7. Your potato salad sounds wonderful!! I just got done vacuum cleaning...and now laundry is calling my name. Oh, the joys of coming back from a vacation! but there is always some time in between to catch up in the blogging world.
    Saw fireworks on the 4th too. So I guess they were sponsored by the US Embassy, they were beautiful! love fireworks, any night of the year :)

  8. Wow! Your 4th sounds amazing and your potato salad yummy. We too saw fireworks (2 separate shows) from our friends' backyard on a hill. Normally we see 3 but the local amusement park cancelled theirs citing fire danger. Okay...they did start a fire on a nearby hill a few years ago but we're thinking it was more an economic decision. Oh well...