Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ugh! when did this become a chore?

oh man. I've been avoiding this blog like the plague. It has been pretty boring around here though. Here's what I've been doing on Facebook... oh, I wouldn't try clicking on any of these idea what will happen!

Renee just got a new high score of 20700 in Bejeweled Blitz.

Renee at 10:00am June 24
Oh Shoot! I promised DD that I would let her play so she could hear "A New High Score!" so I have to quit before I get so high that she can't hear last week. bummer!

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Renee is playing FARKLE.

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Renee gotta do the bills and mail DH's Father's Day package. :o Grocery shopping would be nice too.

Jennifer at 11:10am June 22
I paid bills!! (while singing 'another one bites the dust' no less....)

Here I had realized that I forgot to use my coupons when I went grocery shopping! I pondered going back to the grocery store to have them give me credit for them.
Renee at 5:36pm June 22
probably not worth the gas though!

Lynn at 8:26pm June 22
Depends on how much the coupons are worth. Can you use them next time...instead?

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I posted my pictures of Faith Day 2008 because Steven Curtis Chapman requested that we post some pictures. I don't know if he can see them...or if the page is really him, but the pictures I have are of him.
10 new photos
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Renee took the What Princess Bride character are you? quiz and the result is Westley
You are strong and decisive. But you may ocassionally engage in certain illegal activity if the situation so demands.
Renee this was actually DD's result...I got prince Humperdink. :(

Heather like this.

Heather at 11:37pm June 20
Humperdink! Humperdink! Humberdink!

Renee at 9:02am June 21
I was actually expecting to get that. Before I started, I thought "which character would be the worst to get?...oh yeah, Humperdink." and of course that's what I got. :p Oh well. At least I wasn't the rodent of unusually large size!

Heather at 10:33am June 21
This is true!

Renee is playing Bejeweled Blitz!

Renee said to Paula: "I didn't write the following: It is SO cool that we are facebook friends. By the way, my Bejeweled Blitz score is way better than yours."

Renee has just set his/her highest weekly score on FARKLE.

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Renee Since I couldn't talk DD into the Renasance Festival today, I didn't bother getting dressed's almost 3:30pm and I'm still in my bathrobe. :O

Jen at 3:22pm June 20
Good for you!

Jennifer at 5:55pm June 20
oh I wanna go! I think we'll go when we get back from mean Texas.

Renee at 5:58pm June 20
I did finally get a shower and dressed. Now I need to think aobut dinner. It's always something!

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Renee smells like smoke...we used the fire pit again tonight even though it was too windy.
June 19 at 10:23pm

Brenda at 11:22pm June 19
I like that smokey smell, though...just like camping!

Renee at 11:26pm June 19

Brenda at 8:43am June 20
now you're making me miss ours - I haven't moved them over from our old house yet (my brother moved in there so we have been slacking about getting all the outside things moved) I want fire! ;)

Renee at 10:04am June 20
What has been funny is DD wants roasted marshmallows, but all we have are the mini ones. So we've been roasting them. If we don't burn them they roast up in a minute and end up making funny shapes because they're so small. And I think that DD has forgotten one of the ingredients of somaos...the chocolate. She's only been bringing out the marshmallows & graham crackers. hee hee

Renee Now she's vacuuming! I offered her a choice of vacuuming upstairs or emptying the dishwasher and now she wants both...for money.
June 19 at 6:33pm

Paula at 8:06pm June 19
LOL, no money. She had all day to do it so now she has to do both ;)

Renee Instead of vacuuming, dd is reading about Rebecca Rubin
June 19 at 5:23pm

Renee at 5:24pm June 19
Rebecca Rubin is a lively nine-year-old girl growing up in a big Jewish family in New York City in 1914. She dreams of becoming an actress, but her parents and grandparents have traditional ideas and don't think young ladies should perform. When Rebecca learns that her cousins in Russia are in great danger and must escape to America, she puts on a show to raise money—until her disapproving grandmother steps in. Unexpectedly, Rebecca finds another way to earn money. But for her plan to work, she'll have to keep it a secret. Includes an illustrated "Looking Back" essay about Jewish immigration and culture. Author: Jacqueline Dembar Greene. Paperback or Hardcover. 96 pages.This is the newest American Girl.
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TC. at 9:13pm June 19
That was a good book...I remember reading it.

Renee at 10:10pm June 19
Kathy: the libraries should have it soon.Linda: Yes, it's the latest American Girl historical doll & books.

Renee became a fan of American Girl.

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Renee no gymnastics today. The owner messed up and forgot to schedule someone to be there. :( So I asked if DD would vacuume upstairs while I did downstairs (I have two vacuumes)...she asked if she could do upstairs later today. I said sure if it's today. I finished vacuuming downstairs & got the dishes done too.
June 19 at 1:56pm

Renee at 1:57pm June 19
still waiting for her to vacuume. tap tap tap!
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Paula at 5:57pm June 19
You should try that!

Renee at 5:58pm June 19
I don't think that she cares about exercise. She still has the metabolism I had as a anything and not gain an ounce. :p Too bad that goes away at 30.

Renee is thinking of vacuuming my house while the kid is at gymnastics this morning. Not fun but necessary. :( I should empty the dishwasher while she's still asleep.
June 19 at 10:20am

Renee at 10:21am June 19
I don't know why I feel as if I need to do these things when she isn't around...don't ask. I'm warped...just leave it at that!

Renee at 10:21am June 19
perphaps it just feeds into my procrastination thing...see I'm still here on the computer instead of actually doing any of it!

States I've Been To
Put an X by the states you have been to. The average is 8; how do you match up? Should you choose to play, here's what you do: Copy my note. Click on “notes” under tabs on your profile page. Select "write a new note" in the top right corner. Paste the copy in the body of the note...
June 19 at 10:13am ·

TC. at 10:21am June 19
Been in 39, lived in 5!

Renee at 10:22am June 19
I tried to pick folks I knew had been to a lot. Good job!

TC. at 11:23am June 19
A couple of those tiny, east coast ones I might have been to. It gets interesting out there!

Barbara at 5:54pm June 19
Wow, that's a lot

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Renee is playing Bejeweled Blitz!

Renee did a dumb thing...I searched online for a replacement knob for my car and now every auto salvage place in the country wants to sell me one...two phone calls so far!
June 18 at 10:43am

Renee at 10:55am June 18
apparently getting just the knob ... not possible!!! they want to sell me the entire new AC control box for upwards of 100 plus shipping!!! CRAZY!I may just go to the Ford dealer at this point. :p
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Renee at 9:20pm June 18
I tried the pliers...they wouldn't grab on! :-(

Renee at 10:15pm June 18
I just got a quote of $245!!!! I emailed him back..."All I need is a $2 plastic knob!" ding dong! he had the attached request that I just need the knob.

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Renee just got a high score of 162,600 in Bejeweled Blitz
This score earns her a 150k Star Medal. Renee will earn her next medal at 175k.
Renee woo hoo! but I'm bumming my kid out!

June 16 at 6:13pm

Vikki at 6:19pm June 16
Ack, the server's down!! I can't play!!!

Lynn at 10:27pm June 16
Why are you bumming your kid out?

Renee at 9:49am June 17
she wanted to hear "A NEW HIGH SCORE!" but I had already scored 75K at that point and now she'll never beat me. Next week I need to let her play first so she can hear that.

Renee just got a new high score of 162600 in Bejeweled Blitz.

Renee just got a new high score of 83900 in Bejeweled Blitz.

Renee just moved ahead of Aimee , Mar, Brenda, Karen and 8 others on the Bejeweled Blitz leaderboard.

Renee just got a new high score of 18000 in Bejeweled Blitz.

Renee is playing Bejeweled Blitz!

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Renee commented on Marsi 's note Me In Threes.

Me in Threes
Three names I go by: 1. Renee 2. Mom 3. Um... kids aren’t usually comfortable calling me by my last name. There are a few who do. ...
June 16 at 2:17pm

In this note:Renee
Me in Threes
Three names I go by: 1. Jen 2. Mom 3. Miss Lindner-Green, if you're nasty... ...
June 16 at 12:44pm · View note

Renee thinks the new license plate toll system is pretty cool!
June 16 at 12:01pm

Renee at 12:02pm June 16
drive past the toll booths, get a bill about a month later. go online and pay via credit card and don't get that bill for another month!
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Renee at 12:31pm June 16
I better put my credit card back in my purse so I can pay for my car later!

Marsi at 12:32pm June 16
not as bad as I thought it'd be! Good to know.

Renee took my car in to get the breaks checked... fingers crossed.
June 16 at 11:41am

Renee at 11:45am June 16
brakes perhaps? LOL
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Renee at 9:52am June 17
I'm a happy girl now. I feel much safer. They even fixed the emergency brake for me...they had left my car parked with the emergency brake on (I NEVER use the thing!) so when I tried to back out of the space and couldn't go I was wondering, but then I released the emergency brake and was in awe!DH would frequently put the parking brake in the garage! and I would drive for MILES without noticing it. So it is good to know it actually works now.

Jen at 10:55am June 17
Wow! I'm glad to hear it :-)

Renee is bushed! oh my it's wonder!
June 16 at 1:37am

Lynn at 11:09am June 16
What were you doing up until 1:40am??? I hope you ended up getting a good nights sleep.

Renee at 11:29am June 16
LOL! Late night coffee with friends.

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Okay, okay! I know I play Bejeweled A LOT! But actually it is everyone else's fault...if there was more stuff to comment on or more blog posts to read I would be doing that instead. LOL! Aren't I tricky to put the blame on all of you. hee hee

Actually I should get off my lazy butt and start exercising or I'm going to become a HUGE blimp while DH is gone.

Speaking of him, he has been emailing me about twice a day sometimes, others it is a day or two between emails. He's doing well, but homesick of course. He got to move from his first man cave to one that has it's own bathroom in it...he of course had to clean each one himself. The first one he had to clean while he lived in it...ugh! The second one he could clean before he moved into it.

He says the nice thing about having his own bathroom is he actually has cold water in this shower because the water line runs near his air conditioner. When he was in the old man cave he had to use a common bathhouse and there was no cold water at all...he said he never really felt clean because he was sweating so much.

Oh if you're still reading this... I have to brag about myself here...yesterday Darly, Marsi & myself were at Walmart to buy haircolor (for just Marsi & me of course! Darly has some temporary hair color that she can use if she wants to.) So while Marsi was debating which shade to choose, Darly asked to go look at the fish...they were close enough to us, so I allowed it.

Darly came back rather quickly to report that two Betta fish were in the same container, fighting! I was in shock...who would do such a thing? So Marsi & I head over there and sure enough someone had dumped a second male Betta into a container and they were fighting. The yellow betta had the blue one by the face and they were turned on their sides...Not good!

I looked around and didn't see any Walmart employees. So not wanting to watch these two poor fish kill each other and seeing quite plainly that there was the original container right there, I grab the containers and pour the yellow betta into the other container with enough water that he would be happy. After that excitement we look around and notice that someone has put two toilet brushes into one of the other fish tanks...the one "brush" is the kind that has toilet cleaner on it. UGH! Soon a Walmart employee comes by and I mention to him that someone had combined the bettas. He told us that it happens all the time. How could someone be so cruel? I'm sure it was teenagers....the only ones with that kind of time on their hands. He thanked me for separating the fish. I really think that Walmart needs to make the fish not so accessable to the customers. Maybe they could install a customer service button by the tanks so that if someone wanted a fish they could call for help...but to have it so that people can kill the fish is wrong. IMO.

and now I'm sitting here in my bathrobe wondering if I should wake up Darly so we can go to the park...I don't know if Darly's friends are going to be there. I should call them.

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  1. FB is so addicting!!

  2. Awesome I made your blog and facebook! HA!
    You are not turning into a blimp. I'm pretty sure you are not.

    Happy DH is doing well. I would not be excited about cold showers, but if it's hot...cold showers are nice.

  3. Didn't Bone just do a "What you missed this week on Facebook" post? :)


    Man, I knew you were on there a lot, but even this was a surprise for me!

  4. LOL you didnt tell them that was all in one hour ;)