Saturday, June 06, 2009

Where have I been?

where in the world have I been? Good question. If you're on Facebook you know that I have been checking in there quite a bit. But if you're only looking for me here then you know that I've been sadly remiss in my blogging duties. *sigh!*  I have been reading your blogs and posting comments on most.

I don't really have an excuse. It isn't like I've been so busy that I couldn't come blog. It isn't that I've been too depressed to blog...I'm not. I just haven't wanted to blog. I'm ready to take your lashings.
Darly and I have been busy. Visiting with friends and doing stuff so we aren't stuck here in the house worrying about DH or MIL. Both are doing just fine by the way.

DH is finally "in country" and doing what they sent him there for. He said in his email (he keeps trying to call us when we're out!) that he had a meeting today with all these important people. He reports that his sleeping quarters are a pit or a cave or some other place that you really wouldn't want to sleep. I'll have to see the pictures, hopefully he can borrow someone's camera because he didn't take one with him.
Well that was stupid! I realized how late it is getting and went to log out of stuff so I can go make dinner and logged out of blogger! Luckily I didn’t close the window so I still have this post. WHEW!
And now I see that I was so tired after dinner last night that I never bothered to come back to the computer and finish my post. Ugh! See this is sort of why I haven’t been blogging…tired apathy.
Last night after dinner I sat on the couch and watched a tiny bit of tv…as in the first commercial and I was snoring. Being old is terrible!
I tried to set up this system for getting Darly to help out with the chores around here. I made a list of chores that she could do and how much I was willing to pay her to do them. Then there’s a grid with the days of the week…so if she empties the dishwasher on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday…she marks those days and gets paid for each one. Well she’s only emptied the dishwasher once. :p So since I don’t want to A) run out of dishes and B) be swimming in a sea of dirty dishes…I’ve been doing it. Sigh
Those extra chores seriously cut into my Facebook Bejeweled time.

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  1. I don't think your Bejeweled score was hurt too badly ;)

    I haven't been a good blogger lately either. I keep thinking maybe the blog needs a vacation but...