Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today I started off with a doctor's appointment for Darly on the agenda. I figured after the doctor we could swing by Walmart and pick up some of the 18 gallon plastic tubs they had on sale. Then I kept adding onto my list of errands to run.

When Darly woke up...she wasn't coughing anymore! An hour later and she still isn't coughing! Ummm she has been coughing since July 10th and now isn't anymore! So I called the doctor's office and canceled the appointment.

Then while Darly was cleaning her room she starts coughing again. (JUST SHOOT ME NOW!) But it seemed that it was just the dust because she's been fine since.

So I had a revised list of errans to run...

Petsmart: to get rabbit food
GNC: to buy Papaya tables for me & the rabbits
Home Depot: to buy a new breaker for Darly's bedroom. I also wanted to get some new switches & outlets and also some drop cloths (don't ask! I like shopping there!)
Walmart: to buy the tubs mentioned before.
Bank: deposit checks I've been hanging onto way too long

So we finally get moving...
Petsmart: I find just what I'm looking for with no problems, we visit the very pretty kitties for adoption and leave with just Rabbit food! SCORE!

GNC: Hummm where is GNC?!?!? I thought it was right next to the Ihop. Apparently not EVER! I just looked it up and it's next to the Safeway. UGH! DOWN A POINT!

Home Depot: I find the breaker & switches, but there's an empty spot on the shelf for the outlets. There is a note that says have an associate help me. So I flag one down...literaly! He comes over, then goes to look it up on the computer. They have 88, but they can't sell any until after they do the reset. So the dept manager says I can have the child resistant outlets for the same price! Wow that was a about a dollar & a half savings! But I didn't need child proof...oh well. Then I went for the drop cloth. I was going to get a large one and cut it into two. BUT the smaller one was $10 and the larger one was $29! Hummm I bought two smaller ones.

Walmart: We found our tubs. Then I wanted to look at camping gear and Darly wanted to look at the new G-Force toys. So we split up. I finished in camping gear (picked up two different sleeping pads to try out) and then I went through the Home improvement section and found switches and outlets for much less than Home Depot...so I grabbed those and headed for toys. Well it seems that Darly had finished in toys and went looking for me. Luckily when she didn't find me in camping she came back to toys.

Then we had lunch at Good Times Burgers...YUM!

The first bank went well...except, no lolly pops.

Then the second bank... no lollypops there. I asked about doing online statements and we set that up.

Then I decided to go buy the car dealership to look at new Explorers. They had two. But the sales lady wanted to sell me one from their other showroom. weird! Also I have a car that qualifies for the Cash for Clunkers program...for that they just give me the money and my car goes to the scrap yard since they want it off the road...but the dealership insisted on checking my car out for a possible trade-in. Ummm hello? My car is worth about $1K...maybe if I'm lucky. the clunkers program gives me $4K. I WANT THE $4K!!! Can you say NO BRAINER? ugh

Well the dingdongs at the dealership made me late getting home and I missed meeting up with someone who was coming by...we were off about 10 min. UGH! I feel terrible. I called and emailed my appologies.


  1. Wow! What a day! :-( (((hugs)))

  2. When do you get the new car?!?!?!

    And has Darly cleaned her room yet?

  3. Oh man, that happens to me anytime I have a toothache and go to the dentist. It stops hurting as soon as I get there!

    I forgot that banks used to give out lollipops! I wonder if they'd give me one if I asked. One bank in my hometown used to give out Beech-Nut gum. I haven't had that in decades.

    Why did you go to the dealership? Don't you know there are no rules in that place? It's like Thunderdome!!! Did they at least put out some free doughnuts?

  4. You had a productive day. Good for you! When do you get the new car??? Sorry about the lollipops. Banks are having to cut back! It isn't the good old times when money was flowing free. HAHA!

  5. speaking of walmart and home depot and storage tubs... :) i actually saw them on sale at HD for $3.44 which is cheaper than walmart!