Friday, July 24, 2009


OKchick asked where I've been all week. LOL! Sorry I didn't post it earlier, but we went camping.

My homeschool group schedules a yearly camping trip and this past week was it. This year we went up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park! We stayed in a cabin this time. It was beautiful up there! And luckily everyone who went loved it too so it looks like we'll be going back for next year. YAY!

I got us a cabin for this trip because Darly was balking at the thought of freezing our tails off in a tent again. And last year we got rained out. This year it looks as if we could have gotten a tent site, but I'm glad we had the cabin too. The link I put up there is of the website describing the cabins. The picture show is of either the cabin we stayed in or the one right next to it...I kinda think it's our cabin because the next shot is the yurt that was next to us.

I invited our friends to come and share the cabin with us and that turned out to be perfect as most of the rest of our group had gone home a day before we did. It also worked out well for us because it gave Darly someone to play with for the entire trip (except for when Darly got mad at her for beating her at Chess...Darly isn't a good looser!)

Before we left for our trip, Darly had ordered her next American Girl doll and unfortunately it was scheduled to be delivered on Monday...the day we were going to go camping. I had looked online and saw the package was listed as "out for delivery" which at my house can mean anytime from 6am to 6pm. So I asked the only neighbor I could find to keep an eye out for the package but I didn't feel too good about him seeing as he doesn't know me very well.

So then I went to fill up the car with gas and was waiting for my friend to meet up with us. While we were waiting at a nearby shopping center we saw the UPS truck heading toward my house... So we decided that since my friend wasn't there yet we would zip home to see if the package had come yet. It hadn't so we went back to the shopping center to meet up with friend...disappointed.

Friend has internet on her phone so we checked the package while we had still showed out for delivery, but they don't always update the I zipped back home once more before we were going to head to camping. Still no package, but I found another neighbor, I trusted more to ask to keep an eye out for the package. He was happy to do it. So I left for my trip confident that it was taken care of, but Darly was disappointed that she didn't have her doll yet.

We returned yesterday and found the doll sitting on my front porch! The UPS guy had left it behind my front porch it couldn't be seen from the road. In fact the only way to see it would have been to go on the porch and look for it where it was. The box wasn't labled so even if someone had come on the porch they wouldn't have known what was in it. So neither of my neighbors got the package for us, but it was safe and sound. Darly is happily playing with her new doll and all is well.

We drove up to the campground on Monday. It was a lovely drive with only one slow up due to road construction...or more like parking heavy equipment in the road and taking a break! But we were only held up about 10 min or so. We arrived at the campground and paid our fees then headed to the cabin. We got unpacked and had visitors before we were done as some of our friends had gotten there the day before. After getting our site set up we went to visit our friends at another site.

Lilly was her usual pain in the butt because there were other dogs around. I really need to find a way to get my dog better socialized as she is becoming a problem when we camp. Yesterday I was really annoyed when two teenagers brought their dogs to the site next to us...just to visit their friends and one family allowed their very well behaved dog to run around off leash (which isn't allowed in the campground!) I came out of the bathroom with Lilly to be face to face with this dog. Lilly went nuts but the other dog just kept on walking, probably thinking "IDIOT!" about Lilly.

The view from our cabin was amazing and the weather was perfect. Having beds to sleep in was nice and comfy...I've never slept so well on a camping trip. I need to find better mattresses for our next trip...which will be Aug 3rd.


  1. Wow, you can even rent a yurt! Amazing.

    I'm glad everything worked out with Darly's doll. We once had a UPS guy deliver a package and put it on the back patio after we'd moved and the house was obviously empty. It was from my mom and she got them to pay for losing it. Pretty dumb.

  2. I've always wanted to stay in a cabin like that. I don't mind tents, and actually kinda appreciate camping with just tents and sleeping bags, but the cabins sound like so much fun!

  3. I'm with Darly. Losing stinks!

    My Dad is on his way to the Grand Canyon!!! Is that close to you? :) He called from Texas yesterday.