Monday, July 06, 2009

weekend update

Well what I had planned and what actually happened changed quite a bit, but we had a good time, so all's well that ends well...right?

I thought that we might hike (it's all of a mile) to downtown and check out the city festivities...maybe find a funnel cake & corndogs to much. Come back home, light up my firepit, cook hotdogs & smores over the fire and then watch the city's fireworks from our back porch.

What really happened is: Darly nixed the hiking downtown cuz she hates hiking and she doesn't like funnel cake (she's tried it just once!) So we didn't do that.

Then around 3pm or so it started raining! I grabbed my firepit and put it on the porch under the roof to keep the wood & pit dry. At about 4:30 or so I tried to light my firepit...still under the porch's roof, but pushed out so the wind would blow all the smoke away. The temperature was dropping, Darly & I were still in shorts and were getting cold...I was running low on matches (they're on the shopping list now) and the darned fire wouldn't light!!! It was too windy.

So we ditched the fire! and cooked our dinner inside... POUT! I was so looking forward to a charred hotdog. So I put mine under the broiler to try to crisp it luck there either. pout!

so to do smores? I grabbed one of my soybased candles (the one that smells like cookies) and we roasted our marshmallows over it's flame. I nuked my chocolate & graham crackers in the my smore was nice and mushy! I then made another smore and had just a marshmallow too.

It had been raining constantly since 3pm, so I was worried that there wasn't going to be any fireworks... I even started channel surfing for a fireworks show on TV. But luckily the rain did stop at about 8pm, and the fireworks went off at around 9:20pm. We watched from my family room couch (sitting backwards!) in the nice warm dry house! :D

as soon as the show was over I watched TV, even though my neighbors were still shooting off illegal fireworks (you can buy them just over the state line -2 hours away) for a good 2 hours afterward. :p

Darly & I got to watch Turner & Hooch. She liked it, but I totally forgot that Hooch dies in the end...I told her before that he does get shot and almost dies...and then the darned dog dies! What is with all the dead dog movies & books? Can't any of these animals live a nice long life??? bah! Well she didn't even notice that he had died until I appologized for forgetting that he had died. I guess I shouldn't have mentioned it.

Sunday after Church we went to the library, the farmer's market and then home to wait for the insurance adjuster. I got a cuc, a zuc & a tomatoe at the farmer's market. YUM!

The insurance adjuster said that I should be getting a new roof! I hope they don't depreciate the roof too much. I would like to change the color of our shingles to match the house...they're currently grey and the house is brown. :p

I was talking to the neighbor about the roof and he mentioned that they had found a turtle in his front garden... we asked to see it and found out he had a Western Box idea how it got there as they don't roam our streets. LOL! and while checking our yard for spent fireworks I found instead crow feathers & a beak!!! I'm thinking that perhaps a coyote got this bird as cats normally leave more parts behind.

We finished off the day by watching The Next Foodnetwork Star. I'm glad they finally got rid of Katie... It looks like Jamica might be next.

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  1. How funny - we are about a mile from our downtown and we nixed the "hike" even though we've done it every year since moving here. It is a good thing, too since it started POURING before the fireworks started.
    We ended up having INDIAN food and getting the sparklers out for the FIFTH of July.

  2. Now I am hungry for s'mores!!

  3. Great weekend! I love your orginal plans. I would have all over those activities.
    It rained in OKC, but only for an hour.

    I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. I got about the same things you did. :)

  4. I tried to make S'mores on the 4th, too! Except my fire didn't turn out so well, so we wound up making them over the grill :)