Sunday, July 12, 2009

A pretty normal week

I realized yet again that I've been a bad blogger.  So here's the latest's pretty've been warned. ;)

Monday morning I went over to the Church to help deposit the offering.  Normally they schedule 4 gals to do this.  Two to work on the computer and enter the offerings so that each person gets credit for what they give and two more to do the paperwork and write out the deposit ticket.  Well this Monday one of the gals forgot to show up.  This bothered the other gals and they were torn between calling the missing gal or just trying to do it without her.  We ended up opting without her and did just fine.  I offered to do the data entry part by myself, but the gal in charge didn't want to do it that way because it isn't how they do it.  However, we had plenty of times where I was doing the data entry on my own and did just fine.  Luckily with the holiday it was a very low offering and we got done very fast, even with just the 3 of us.

As I was leaving my car reminded me yet again that I needed to take it back to the Brakes place to see why it was still making noise when I stepped on the brakes.  So I took it over and of course on a Monday they couldn't see me right away...but he gave me an appointment at 3pm.  When I took it back at first the guy couldn't find the noise and when he took me with him to see if I could point it out, it wasn't being noisy.  But finally we did hear the noise and it turned out to NOT be my brakes.  It's the bushings, they're part of the car's suspension.  He took a look at them and said that while they are cracked that I could still get about another 10K miles out of them before they need to be replaced.  I reported this to DH and he finally says I should look into getting a new car.

I'm a bit in shock because I can't believe that I've finally "driven it into the ground" so I ask numerous times for him to clarify his position on this, but no he reassures me that it is finally time to look for a new car.  He even mentions that perhaps this time I can actually get a new car instead of a used car.  However as the week goes on he teases me that perhaps I should only get a used car because I don't keep my current car clean enough...and by the end of the week we are both teasing that I should keep my current car and force it to last another 5 years.  sigh!  He's actually kidding though and I can go look at cars...just no obivious drooling.

On Tuesday Darly got to go back to her gymnastics class.  They've been on summer break for the last two weeks.  I was happy to see that even with hardly any practice she wasn't that out of shape and could still do most everything that she could before.  That's about all we did on Tuesday.

I should mention that during week one of the summer break I looked on google to find a gym for me to go workout while Darly is in her gymnastic's class.  and there is one right near her gym with personal trainers and I could get a free session online.  So I signed up for it and they bugged me about coming in.

Wednesday we went to the park with our homeschooling friends and had a curriculum sale...kinda a yard sale for all our old school related stuff.  I managed to get rid of some of my old stuff!  YAY!  We took home one of Darly's friends for a few hours and that night we got to watch the International Space Station fly over our house...AND we saw a shooting star...this was Darly's first shooting star.  She was so happy.  Before she had been whining that she might never get to see one.  I tried to reassure her, but of course I don't know anything.  So when I saw the star I pointed it out, but she had already seen it.  Her friend either didn't see it at all or was unimpressed.  Hard to tell because this friend isn't impressed by much.  Later we met up with friend's mom at Dairy Queen for ice cream and friend went home.

Thursday we went shopping with some different friends and had fun visiting before Darly had to go to gymnastics.  While she was at the gym I decided I would try to figure out where this gym for me was at because I was having trouble locating it with google...the google stopped in the middle of the road and there are loads of office buildings around there.  So I walked by where the google map stopped.  I couldn't locate the gym!  No sign of it anywhere.  So instead I went for a walk.  It was a nice walk but one of the buildings near there is under construction so that wasn't the most comfortable place to walk past.

Friday morning Darly had an open gymnastics class...she loves these as they allow her to work on anything she wants to.  The "coach" is actually just an older student at a higher level.  And there aren't normally that many kids in the it can be like a private lesson.  Darly is still having trouble with her hand springs...she doesn't really spring her arms enough yet.  I've seen her do them perfectly before, but for some odd reason she just can't get them now. 

While Darly was at the gym, I went home and worked out on my eliptical trainer for 25 minutes.  While I was doing it I really didn't notice the time and just picked 25 min as a stopping time because I figured I needed the rest of the time I had while Darly was at the gym to get a shower and to get back over there...Darly frequently quits early because a full hour & a half by herself or nearly by herself is too much for her.  So now my plan is to workout while Darly is at the gym each time.  Hopefully I can start loosing the extra weight I've put on.

After her gym class we went to lunch at Panda Express.  I picked a dish that was low fat (mushroom chicken) and Darly had Kung Pau Chicken...she just eats the chicken & nuts out of it, so I had her zuccini.  But almost immediately Darly said she was tired, so we went home.  Later Darly said she had a headache, I figured she was dehydrated and told her to drink some water...she did and took a nap.  She said she was fine.  So we met up with friends to take advantage of a deal at Taco Bell.  Every time our baseball team scores 7 or more runs we can get 4 tacos for a dollar.
When we got there Darly says she isn't hungry.  So I try to see if perhaps she just wants something small like nachos and she says no with her hand over her mouth!  I have to tell her to run for the bathroom (kids!  why can't they figure out when they're gonna puke?!?!?!?)  After I place our order I go to check on her and yes, she did puke but she hadn't gotten there in enough time to aim very well.  :p  So I had to get some towels (no paper towels in this bathroom!) so I go back into the restaurant and get napkins then back to clean up her mess.  I didn't get everything, but if they expect better, they should have papertowles instead of a blower!
After the puking, Darly felt fine and ate her tacos with no problems.  So we think she must have just had some bad Panda Express.  Which reminds me that I need to let them know that!
We watched Wallace & Gromit in Curse of the Were-Rabbit with our friends.

Saturday we had a yard sale to help Darly earn her next American Girl doll.  Darly and her friend sold quite a bit of their old stuff and I got rid of some stuff too.  Not nearly all of the stuff I wanted too...a trip to Goodwill is in order, but enough for Darly to get her doll.  So we will soon have another doll in the house.  I reasoned with Dh that while it may seem like a lot of dolls for her to have (this will make her 4th) that it was better than her spending the same amount of money on a bunch of lesser priced toys and then having a bigger mess!  That seemed to be the most helpful for DH.  Now of course he's worried that he'll have to make more doll beds.  I think that he should. ;)  LOL!
Speaking of DH he called yesterday so I got to talk to him a bit.  While it is wonderful to hear his voice and talk to him, it seems that we have more meaningful conversations via email.  So when he calls there isn't much to say.  Oh well, it is still good to hear from him.

I found out from him that his siblings are planning to take MIL to live in Michigan.  I now feel like I should go talk to her and 1) see if she is having decent conversations yet and really knows what's going on...and 2) see if she really wants to go back to Michigan.  I know that she said she didn't want to ever go back there before, but perhaps because she knows that she needs so much help now she's willing to let her daughters help her now.  I feel really bad for not going to see her since she was first in the hospital, but I've always felt out of place.  DH's siblings don't feel as if I should be involved with this at all.  And Darly doesn't want to go see her (The last time Darly saw her in the hospital she was in pretty bad shape and that was for a surgery!  When I saw MIL after her stroke she looked worse so I can't imagine that Darly would want to see her like that.)  Of course I worry that MIL won't ever be in good enough shape that Darly will be comfortable around her.

Today is now Sunday and I've heard Darly coughing a few times.  I think that it might be best if we don't go to Church this morning so she can sleep more and hopefully get over this cough.  I'll have to go do the offering deposit tomorrow anyway. 



  1. I get so frustrated when mapquest or google or whatever ends me somewhere there is nothing!

  2. I hope Darly's not sick!

    I woulda been yur 4th gal to count the offerin' money exceptin' I don't know how to count.

  3. i was recently burned by google maps. it's usually pretty good.

  4. A new car? Watch out for the rust-proofing, finder's fee, and additional overcharge :)

    A shooting star? Did Darly make a wish? If not, she can still pluck out an eyelash.

    Puke! That's a funny word.

  5. Wait, I thought you were camping.

  6. You started working out again...good for you.

    I hate when I take my car to get worked on and you can't hear the noise-to show them. Then the car people or my dad think I'm just making it up. I hate that! It's so frustrating. AHHH like I would make up that my car is making a noise. Why would I make that up? Do they think I want to just give them hundreds of dollars! I'm glad you figured out what's wrong. Good luck car shopping!

  7. Wow, sounds like a pretty busy week!

    Darly seems to be liking the gymnastics a lot more :)