Saturday, July 04, 2009

new baby!

You didn't think that I seriously meant an infant did you? @@
Here's the latest addition to our household... now we can have two surfers on the waiting! :)
My only problem is that I am reluctant to stick a lot of the "junk" that we have on the desktop over on the laptop...I know it will happen eventually, but ya know...I wanna keep it pure for a while...
speaking of pure...ignore all the crud you can see in the background of those pictures!
The fun part of this was seeing all my neighbors' wireless connection names. :p My next door neighbors' son is just sick!!! I'm glad our computer has figured out how to connect to our connection by itself now and we don't have to see that anymore.
You may be asking why after all this time I finally got a laptop? well the answer is quite silly... I was thinking of going on a road trip this summer and wanted to get a dvd player for Darly. But then I got to thinking... "why get a dvd player for the car that just plays dvds?" I'm trying to rid our house of uni-taskers and seeing that we don't take a lot of road trips, having a dvd player that you can only use in the car didn't make any sense to me. So whalah! A laptop that also plays dvds. :D
You may be asking what DH thought of my purchase? Well before he left he was considering getting a laptop (for himself!) but decided against it when he learned that he had to bring one from work...he didn't want to carry two on the plane. So when I told him my plan he started giving me a shopping list of stuff to get for it!
Course now I have to wait for my turn on the laptop because it is Darly's favorite new toy. Me, being old and lazy, I actually prefer the desktop...which is where I'm typing this post.
Happy 4th of July to everyone in America! Be safe and have fun!


  1. Congrats on the new sure is pretty. Have fun playing with it. Happy 4th of July.

  2. Did someone say roadtrip? Where will you be heading? I like the new purchase. You will love the laptop. My lappy is awesome.

  3. Yay! New laptops are always fun!

  4. Congrats!! the new laptop looks fantastic. No waiting to get online? even more fantastic :)

  5. I think that was excellent reasoning! I don't have a laptop, but wouldn't mind having one. It's not on my "to get" list however.

  6. Oh man, your baby is gorgeous!!!

    No way would I let Darly have her ;)

  7. Congratulations on the new baby! Don't you just love a brand new computer? So many possibilities!

  8. awesome! i'm in the market for a new laptop too!