Thursday, February 09, 2012

Out my window

I see the ugly remains of the snow storm we got hit with last Friday.  I don't even know what the official total for how much snow we got was...I just know that my back is still hurting from shoveling it.

Friday Darly was supposed to have a performance of Mulan Jr, but that was canceled due to the snow.  Funny, by the time we should have been at the theater, the snow had let up enough that if our town had bothered to plow the parking lot and open the theater, we could have had the show.  But alas they didn't so we couldn't.  Instead we had to transfer everyone's Friday ticket to Saturday and lost out on money. :(
The kids were really disappointed that they couldn't go on too...however, that didn't dampen their energy for Saturday and they put on TWO great shows then!  :D

Due to this silly thing called the Super Bowl we had to strike the theater (pack up and move out all our stuff) on Saturday night.  Actually that wasn't so bad as I had the kids do a bunch of the work...not too bad for them either really as all I asked of them was to put their costumes in designated sorting piles instead of back on the clothing racks.  I didn't hear any grief at all out of them.

Oh back to my window view...
My neighbor, "MrIown13carsandparkthemallinfrontofRenee'shouse" has a few of his cars blocked in by snow.  BWAHAHA!  The city decided to plow our snow...even though we didn't have enough for what they said was our usual requirement for plowing.  (normally they don't plow unless we get 2 feet...I'm pretty sure we didn't get that.)  So even though we didn't have enough snow AND we had already shoveled ourselves out of our driveways and to the main road...the plows came through and plowed us all back in. 20 minutes before we needed to leave for the theater on Saturday.  ARGH!  We still have a wall of ice chunks in the street.

My front yard looks terrible because my neighbors' dogs decided they should play in our snow.  :p

Oh and on that nice ice chunk wall sits my neighbor's trash that the trash company wouldn't take because it wasn't in a trash container.  CLASSY!

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  1. of course even with canceling the Friday night shows we still had folks who couldn't get to the Saturday shows. And these folks wanted a refund! I can't believe the nerve of some people now days.