Monday, February 20, 2012

Oops there goes another...

$5 down the drain!  Literally! 
Tonight I had the steam valve to my fairly new rice cooker soaking in a coffee mug in the sink.  When I went to clean the valve the rubber gasket was missing.  I looked everywhere.
I think what must have happened is when I drained the noodles for dinner the water must have gone into the coffee mug pushing out the gasket and it went down the drain...into the garbage disposal.  SIGH!

Hubby looked at it and we determined that his time was worth more than the $5 for a new valve.  So a new valve is on it's way.  I'm glad that it wasn't too expensive and should be here soon.


  1. I'm surprised it wasn't more expensive! Usually replacement parts are almost as expensive as the original item.

    1. frankly I am too! They made me order more than I actually needed (of course) though. I'm not entirely sure they intended for me to take the valve apart that much though...but it is much easier to clean if I pop that gasket off.
      Funny, yesterday we were in the store that I purchased the rice cooker from and I grabbed the valve off the display and showed Darly the part I lost. She was pretty shocked with how small the gasket was. I should look and see if there's someplace else I could have ordered just the gasket from.