Wednesday, February 29, 2012

$1K in 30 days?

This article we received here in today’s mail says that we can save $1000 in 30 days if we start doing the following things…

Wash our dog at home – save $200.  Okay, first we don’t spend $200 a MONTH to have the dog groomed.  I don’t think I spend that much per year to have her groomed because we do groom her at home sometimes but I do take her to the groomer and spend $35-45 each time…maybe 3 times per year.

Skip the car wash - $20.  Who goes to the carwash that many times per month???  I guess if you’re getting the ultra wash…but I don’t.  I get the cheapest wash they have but I don’t even go every month.

Brown-Bag Lunches - $180.  Well the kid & I are usually home for lunch anyway.  Hubby reports that he can eat for $2 a day… um not so fast hubby…one lunch that you get is $3.25.  Still we aren’t spending that much on lunches.

Home-Brewed Coffee - $75.  I get a coffee out once in a blue moon and it isn’t the $5 coffees.  Hubby doesn’t drink coffee…perhaps I should suggest that he give up his Pepsi.  Of course that isn’t a $75 per month habit either.

Ditch Bottled Water - $135.  Again, already not spending that much and usually drink tap.

Get Rid of Home Phone - $50.  I believe that this is for folks who have and use their cell phones as their main form of communication.  We don’t and we also don’t pay $50 per month for the land line.  I think the land line AND my cell phone cost us just $50 per month.  Hubby's phone is paid for by his employer (course he only uses it for business purposes.)  Darly does not have a phone...she uses a computer to keep in touch with her friends...much bigger keyboard. ;o)

Switch to Online News - $15.  I guess that means give up a newspaper.  Already did that…years ago.  But not for the money savings.  That was for my sanity!  Hubby wants to get his money's worth and read the entire newspaper...but it takes him forever to do it.  So now he can read the news on the computer.

DIY Mani-Pedis - $50.  Okay I would NOT pay that much to get my nails done, even if I COULD stand to have someone else do them.

Mow My Own Lawn - $75.  Already do this and SERIOUSLY?  It cost that much???  WOW

Cancel Satellite Radio - $30.  Don’t have or use it anyway.

Basic Cable Package - $85.  Never got an expanded package…but very tempted to cancel the cable anyway…that would only save me $20 though.

Skip the Dry Cleaners - $20.  We don’t use the dry cleaners.  If I can’t wash it in the machine…I don’t own it.

Limit Dining Out - $65.  We already do that.  When we do go out (which isn’t much because we can’t find a restaurant that we like) we don’t spend a lot.

So basically I’m already saving this $1000.  Now I need ways to cut back to save an additional $1K.


  1. I love articles like this!

    Where I'm good: skip cable all together, mow my own lawn, only get pedis a few times a year, no satellite radio, and pack my lunch.
    Where I'm bad: Starbucks.

    I'd say overall I'm doing pretty good. :)

    1. I would have to agree with you OK Chick! I think by skipping out on cable all together that you deserve those Starbucks. ;o)

      Unfortunately here with the mountains blocking the TV signals we have to get the cable if we want any TV...but with way tv shows are going now days (I'm sick of fake "reality" tv) I'm about ready to shut off the cable.

  2. LOL. It amazes me that this would actually be good advice to anyone. We don't do any of this anyway! Except like you, we have a land line. Interesting they think it's $50 a month. I get land line plus broadband for $55, and that includes all the taxes, fees, subsidies, and other sneaky ways the phone company pads the bill.

  3. We live in the boonies and can't give up satellite TV or satellite internet. Our cell phones don't work at home. I never get the dog groomed. Coffee? We brew. Lunches? They take. Lawn mowing? We do. Manis and Pedis?? Puhleeze! Dry cleaning? Hah! That would require fancy clothes... News? Already get it online... I need them to come up with a list for normal people!