Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spitting MAD!

Poor Darly!  Today they cast the rolls for the next play in her theater group.  Darly got a great part and is totally happy with it, but she wasn't happy about who was cast in the main rolls of the show. 

Darly was so mad about this that she wanted to quit the show (which of course wouldn't change a thing).  So instead she did the only thing she could think of...she posted how mad she was about it on her Facebook...guess who Darly is friends with on Facebook.  Luckily she isn't friends with the director (that isn't allowed).

But she is friends with the daughters of the Area Coordinator and the person above her.  SIGH! 
Both of these girls have probably told their moms about the post ...seeing as the only other girl to comment on the post, told her mom who felt it necessary to let me know what my child had posted.

I'm not upset with how my child feels about this...she is entitled to her feelings.  Her friends have told her how while she may not like it the casting is the director's job.  So I didn't feel the need to say anything on Facebook.  Instead we talked about how she needs to figure out a different place to vent her feelings.  I also didn't feel it necessary for her to delete the post seeing as the daughters I mentioned above had already seen and commented on it...the damage has already been done.

I hope that this doesn't hurt Darly's chances for a good roll in the next show, but I fear it will. 


  1. Unfortunately experience is usually the best teacher. It may be a hard lesson learned, but hopefully everything will smooth out.

  2. She's probably being typecast! :)

    No, really, I suppose better she learns the lesson now than later when she could get fired from a job or something. Of course, Facebook may not even be around then. There'll probably be something new.

  3. well so far we haven't heard anything from those in charge, but we could this weekend. I expect that we might hear something at the parent meeting. I'm okay with that.
    I still haven't heard anything about if I was chosen to be the chairperson for my parent committee.

    Yesterday we ran into some friends who aren't doing this show, so Darly was able to complain about what happened. Her friend shared her anger about it, so that was all good. The mom and I got to vent a lot about the other things too. Except for us killing an hour at the store all was well.