Friday, March 16, 2012

C food diet

Back on Feb 24th my cousin posted on Facebook that she was going to try out a "C" food diet.  The idea is that you should not eat anything that starts with a C and is bad for you.  She wanted folks to join her in her quest.
So FIRST we had to agree upon what C foods were "no-nos."
the easy ones Cake, Cookies, Candy... I added in my weaknesses Chips, Crackers.  It was agreed by everyone that dark Chocolate did NOT count as a bad C, because dark chocolate is good for you in moderation and would keep us from killing anyone.
Then we had to decide how long we were doing this for.  Cousin said just the month of March.  I decided that since we were only 2 days into Lent, that I would go for the remaining part of Lent.  But I didn't do my official weigh in until March 1st.

Things started out pretty well.  Except that Darly asked me to get her some chips that first week.  ugh!  My weakness!  But you'll be pleased to know that I only slipped on Sun Chips which are mostly good for you.

My next slip up was on the 29th of Feb.  That was our first Soup Supper at Church for Lent and I just totally spaced out that I shouldn't be having that brownie & cookie.  (yes, technically a brownie doesn't start with C but hey, we all know it's really a cake!)  So since it wasn't yet March 1st (a minor technicality) I didn't put too much weight into it.

Since March 1st I've been pretty stellar at this diet if I do say so myself.  I did have one night where that box of Turtles was just singing to me...but I went and made myself a bowl of strawberries instead!  :D

I did notice that last Thursday when my cousin went to the Strawberry Festival she and her husband enjoyed some Strawberry Shortcake with lots of cream!!!  I had to give her a hard time about that because clearly the CAKE and CREAM both start with C and are no-nos.  Her sister ratted her out and told us that she also had a CUBAN sandwich for lunch that day.  I gave her a pass on the sandwich because I know it contained no real cubans ;o)  Cousin claimed that at first she didn't have anything but the strawberries and just gave the cake and cream to her hubby...but then claimed extreme heat fatigue and that she forgot about the diet...that she proposed.  LOL!  Oh well one slip up isn't gonna hurt...much. 

We are now half way through and I'm down 2 and a half pounds.  Not too shabby!

See, I can give up cookies and cakes pretty easily.  But I'm a salty snacker, so that has been the hard part.  I've got a strategy though.  On days when I really need something to much, I've been having a hand full of peanuts instead.  See, salt + protein.  Not salt + carbs.

If I manage to drop another 2.5 lbs by the end of this, I may keep it up.  But you will probably see me having a cookie on Easter. ;o)


  1. Well, it sounds like a fun diet to say the least. :)

  2. That sandwich was probably Dominican anyway :) And Sun Chips totally start with "S" so you're OK there. Also, I'd stay away from that so-called non-fat yogurt if I were you.