Monday, March 19, 2012

So the Drama!!!

Oh the joys of dealing with little drama queens! 

Some days I really wonder why I continue to work on the costume committee for Darly's theater group.  I guess it is because usually the only stressful part is the costume fitting & parade days where the kids get to try on the costumes and help choose the one they want for the show and then the director decides if that's what they had in mind.

Normally costume fitting only drives me nuts when we have a child who treats the costume closet like their own personal closet and keeps trying on more and more costumes (but hold this one for me in case I don't find anything I like better!)  There's also the typical rudeness we have where I'll be talking with one person and a child will INSIST that they need to be dealt with RIGHT NOW!  I've gotten pretty good at the hand thing with them though.  And with the closet shoppers I've gotten good at telling them to leave once they have the required number of costumes.

For this show though we had a bit of extra drama in that so far I've had a hard time locating enough costumes for the entire cast and the cast aren't that impressed with the style of clothing that was typical in the 1920's.  If you do a quick search you'll see that the style back then for women was a very form hiding look...they wanted to look masculine...they even went so far as to bind their chest to look flat chested.  So our girls aren't impressed with the non body hugging dresses.  One girl has only tried on one outfit so far and she didn't like it.  I'm going to ask the director to speak to the cast because this IS what she wanted.

Another problem we've had is kids getting upset when the cute costume that they wanted doesn't fit them and it does fit another cast member.  MEOW!

In the end it will all work out just fine as it always's just the stress of getting to that point.  

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