Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Real food anywhere?

Lately there have been a lot of stories in the news about our food being messed up.  Pink Slime in hamburger, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice that is not so fresh squeezed, Wood fillers in tacos?  It seems in this world where everyone is trying to earn a fast buck that some folks don't seem to care what they're selling out there.  You really can't trust anyone now days. 
These food stretching ideas can't be good for us as allergies and illnesses are cropping up everywhere.

What ever happened to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) doing their job and protecting us?  I remember being taught that they formed this administration to make sure our foods were pure because hotdogs and bologna were filled with the scraps of meat and other stuff that no one wanted to eat. 


  1. It's frustrating when you want to feed your family properly. It seems like the FDA just doesn't care anymore. What in the world happened to them anyway.

    1. I was hoping that if enough of us made some noise about stuff like this that perhaps the FDA would go back to doing their jobs. However, I think that like with all our government funded programs they've had their budget cut so much that bribes from other sources govern what is "healthy" for the public more than public opinion.

      Did you see that totally propagandist video of the governors touring a Pink Slime plant??? I've never seen the Soylent Green movie, but I've heard enough about it to see the similarities.