Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scheduling fun!

Having so much fun working the schedules for this Spring/Summer.

1st Darly's Birthday.  Turns out the best day for her party will be on her actual birthday...but that's a Sunday.  Hopefully her friends can come.  She sent them all a "Save the Date" email.  I hope she told them it's on a Sunday.
2nd Darly's Confirmation.  Yay she gets confirmed this year!  But the first date chosen for this to occur is a weekend that Hubby has a HUGE important thing at work!!  He can't miss this unless he's dead (and let's not hope for that!)  So we spoke to the Pastor and he was okay with moving the date...but then we needed all the other families involved to agree also.  I believe that we got the okay for that.  WHEW!  UPDATE: Yes they did approve moving Confirmation up a week so DH can be there.  YAY!

and then there are Summer camps and a possible youth mission trip.

Girl Scout camp is only one week and unless she chooses to not go it is set.  I should really go register her for that.
UPDATE:  I went to register for Girl Scout camp on the 15th and the camps that Darly wanted to attend are already FULL!!!  Crazy because registration for these camps just opened up on the 6th.

CYT camp is multiple weeks but the week she really wants is of course the same week as Girl Scout camp.
UPDATE: Well since Girl Scout camp is out, Darly CAN go to CYT camp that week instead...which means it won't interfere with her doing the mission trip.

And the mission trip is during the CYT camp time.

So Darly has to choose.  She's bummed because she really wants to do it all.  

Since Darly can't go to Girl Scout camp this least not the one she wanted, I'll check and see if there is another one that she can do, but she may not want that.  We have a friend at Church who owns horses and due to her and her husband's work schedules they aren't able to ride the horses as much as the horses need she has asked Darly to come out and help her ride the horses.  WOW!  Darly couldn't be more horse riding.  The horse that Darly will get to ride is supposed to be a sweetheart that is very good with children.  So this could be a match made in heaven.  (must get Darly a riding helmet...much cheaper than paying for camp though!)


  1. Congratulations to Darly! Birthday and confirmation all in one month. That's very big. So is free horseback riding! When I was a kid, I would have given anything for an opportunity like that.

    1. Actually birthday & confirmation are in separate months...which reminds me that I need to send in her homeschooling paperwork too.