Friday, March 09, 2012

Worlds are colliding!

Argh!  I find that I no longer have a safe place to vent in my life because everything is connected.  Darned Google!  Ooh that's a place to start, I can get rid of G+ since I'm not using one else is either... and that would free up some things.

But I have a lot of worries on my chest right now and I can't really say anything about them.  No sympathy required or requested as they aren't anything that is live changing or anything like that.  Just a lot of little frustrations that I would like to vent about, but I can't because there are too many eyes out there...even with my little barely read blog.  sigh!

Ah!  I've just went and opted out of a bunch of Google Settings... deleted my Google + and Buzz (they're still doing that???)  It said that the Google + would take a few days to get rid of everything.  hummm sounds fishy to me.

I hope that will help me be less connected to everything.  Funny, Google asked why I was leaving...I said because no one is using Google + and that having all my accounts connected had people I didn't want seeing my stuff.  hummm that sounds a bit contradictory but I didn't know when I started this that G+ folks could see my Blogger.


  1. I'm not sure how all that works. But I never signed up for Google +, even though a couple of people invited me. So I hope when I email someone, they don't see my blog.

  2. But I did love the title of this post :) I'm sure you knew I would. George is gettin' upset!

    1. I don't choose these titles lightly. ;o)

      I know that George would be upset in this situation too!

  3. Well, I wondered what was up. I usually just click on the name of commenters to get to their blogs. Your name links to your G+ account but only says you contribute to Buzz! Forgotten Blog is not on the list. Fortunately I have you on Google Reader 'cuz I follow you.

    I've avoided G+ as well. I don't like their privacy policy for one thing because it seems like they want to make everything public. That's scary for those of us who've had problems with folks who are getting too aggressive online. Or with children we don't want stalked. It's annoying though because I can only change my gmail profile if I sign up for Google+. I've really liked Google but I just don't want to get shoved into the latest tracking trends. (That's why I don't FB either).