Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Y does everyone want my money?

It seems the only time the phone rings, especially my cell phone, it is someone wanting to sell me something.  I’m on the Do Not Call list, but that doesn’t seem to stop them at all.  They still keep on callin.

My mail, I don’t see any letters anymore…it’s just ads and bills.  I’m on that mail preference list too.  :p
The TV, I fall asleep because there are too many commercials.  It probably doesn’t help at all that there isn’t a lot worth watching on TV anymore. 

The internet…well for now I have done a very good job of blocking those ads.  But I know it is coming.

The radio… I listen to “commercial free” radio that has commercials.  I once sent in an email because the ads were being played over the music.  It didn’t stop the ads, but they got their act together.  They tried to argue that they don’t play ads…um I beg to differ.  Business gives you money and you announce it repeatedly, that’s an ad.

I don’t answer my phone.  I don’t answer my door.  My husband thinks that I’m paranoid…although, he is beginning to agree with me about it not being worth it.  He’ll answer and be stuck telling them no and them not listening.

It used to be that we had free TV that was paid for by advertisers.  But no more…we pay for TV AND we get ads.

Yes I get that these folks need to make a living, but couldn’t they do it the old fashion way…make good products that people want?  Sigh!


  1. Well put! Actually, if you get the phone number of the do not call violator, you can report them and yes, they will contact them and tell them to stop. And I agree about screening calls and not answering the door.

    1. Yesterday I reported a company that wants to eliminate my Time Share fees...we don't have a time share and this one I KNOW is in violation of the DNC list.

      Today I reported a possible scam. They claim to be with the VA to let hubby know his benefits. Only they have their facts messed call the VA, not the other way around. I also reported them to the VA so they can warn folks.

  2. Kramer: Will you look at this? More catalogs! Omaha Steaks, Mac Warehouse, Newsweek! I can't stop all these companies, so I'm gonna attack this problem at the choke point.
    Jerry: Stop the mail???
    Kramer: That's... even better.

    I never answer my home phone, which rings all the time even though I'm on the do-not-call list. My cell phone, thankfully, doesn't seem to get many telemarketing calls, yet.

    1. Careful Newman will turn you in to the post office police! ;o)

      Speaking of that, a guy at our Church is a postal carrier. He was telling us that the county that I live in is sending voting info to the next county over. He thinks that the county should be notified because they're wasting money...his boss says no because he wants the postal fees. hummm one government agency defrauding another.