Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The gym saga continues...

I haven't been mentioning Darly's gymnastics gym much lately because things were going really well...her coach had been there for almost all of Feb. Well last week the coach was not there at all for Darly's class.

I think that I've mentioned that the only way any info gets passed at this gym is through the grapevine. So much of what we know is rumor. Well on Tuesday night I learned from a mother that our coach had taken another job with a major sports team in our area. I decided to pass this info to the gym's office manager who didn't know anything about it. Needless to say the management is not happy with the coach and I was told they are trying to replace her. It is just difficult to find a higher level recreational coach with a personality.

The Tuesday night class was coached by T who Darly didn't like. What didn't Darly like? LOL! She didn't like that when a girl fell off of the bar that T went to go spot her. This happened once when it was Darly's turn on the bar with T spotting and another girl fell off the other bar...so Darly had to wait...and then it happened again when Darly fell off the bar. Darly didn't appreciate being babied on the bar. sigh!

Thursday night Darly's class was added to the next level up's class. Darly absolutely HATES this coach. I'm not a fan either. He has the personality of...hummm what does he have the personality of? I guess it is safe to say that this coach doesn't have very good people skills. He has said many things that have upset the girls. However, last Thursday the class went really well except for one part. The coach set up an obstacle course to have the girls work on conditioning...only he had them run it until they were all out of breath. I was about to stick my head in and tell him to quit it, but Darly didn't give me any indication that she needed to stop. We talked and next time (if there is one) she'll give me a signal and I'll tell the coach to quit for her since she doesn't have the nerve to just go sit down. However, after they finished this he had them work on some skills that Darly needed to work on. But Coach no-personality only gives positive feedback if you get the skill 100% perfect...so I was trying to give Darly some kudos for getting her front handspring better than before.

Last night I decided I would look on the sports team websites and see if I could figure out what Darly's coach does for these teams. I wasn't able to find anything there so I googled her. I don't know why but she has a page on LinkedIn that list all her current jobs. and WOW this gal is busy! It turns out that she really only works for one company that has both the area sporting teams that she's working for...but she is doing two jobs for them. (neither job was close to anything the moms at the gym were spreading around! So I'll have to give them all the real deal tonight!) She also works as a receptionist for two other companies! So she is currently working 5 jobs. And while I get that she's young and probably needs the money all these jobs pull in, I don't understand taking a job that you KNOW will make you not be able to work at your other job...she did know that the sport team jobs would prevent her from being able to work at the gym. I think the only reason she still has her gym job is that they cannot find someone else to do the job. sigh! Perhaps the gym has begged her to not quit until they get someone else in there...I don't know. To me that seems like the only possible answer.


  1. I hope she stays since Darly likes her!

  2. Um, you're two weeks behind on the workout log! Update please! O:)

    Is it possible that Darly might like this other lady if she backs off a bit do you think?

  3. She actually said she would rather have the coach she hates than T. LOL! She said that Mr Coach was better that night, except for making them work out so hard. She said he was better because he had them doing flips...which she loves.

  4. oh and the workout thing...I am still working out, I just haven't updated the log. today I did 42 min.

  5. Girls sports are so....girlish. HA! Sorry. It seems like drama follows girls around always. I hope everything gets straightened out for Darly. Maybe her and Mr Coach will get used to each other, and he'll improve her skills. Conditioning is the worst! I feel for her.

  6. Nice to find you online again, Renee! I've been back for about a month or so, and I have been trying to find everyone I used to visit.

    I have so much to catch up on. I don't know much about gymnastics, but I can understand why Darly might want a coach she does not like - maybe that coach pushed her to excel moreso than the one she likes. She recognizes that and so she prefers the one she hates in the end? Just hypothesizing...

  7. Hope everything works out for the best...
    Have a nice day :)