Monday, March 16, 2009

Thwarted again!

This weekend Darly was invited to a sleepover party. The party started around noon on Saturday and she wouldn't be home until after noon on Sunday.

One would think that this would be the perfect time for DH & I to have a little alone time.

However you would be WRONG!!!

Remember that trip to the dentist that DH took the other day? Well when they took his x-rays they noticed a black spot on the root of one of his teeth. And DH suddenly rembembers that this particular tooth has been bugging him lately. DH did go get a second opinion on his teeth on Friday and had his one crown replaced there at the visit. The second dentist also pointed out the spot on the root and recommended that he see an oral surgeon for a possible root canal.

By the time DH got home on Friday evening, he was miserable. And other than take pain killers he wasn't able to do anything because his dentist & oral surgeon were both closed for the weekend. sigh!

So DH was on a soft food diet and popping pain few as possible of course because one should never admit that you're really weak and in pain, so you just take enough to take the edge off! (NOT ME! if I'm in pain and I'm popping 4 or 5 of those babies!) So instead of taking enough motrin to make him feel comfortable, DH would take just one.

Instead of spending time alone with DH, he worked on our Tax return and we discussed his will. He also has me working on my will too.

What a lovely weekend!


  1. It never fails, when we try to plan things as well. I guess that is what married couples do these Hope he feels better.

  2. Man, someone has GOT to teach DH what "alone time" is supposed to be used for!!! I think that "someone" is supposed to be you... I mean, I get the feeling you'd be upset if someone else was showing him ;-)

  3. Doh :( I hope his teeth feel better soon!!

  4. Doesn't sound like a fun weekend :( I hope he is able to get his tooth fixed right away! Toothaches are miserable...

  5. Discussed his will? Geez, I think root canal is pretty routine these days :)

    I'm all about some pain pills. Give me enough to knock me out and make me hallucinate just a little and I'm good.