Monday, March 23, 2009

updates on the update. LOL!

Well Mr Coach called me about my email. But since I was still mad at him I deleted the then I had to email him back. I said in the email I would rather deal with this via email. He emailed back that "due to the nature of my email" he wanted to see me in person. ACK! I so hate confrontations. But then I got to thinking... "hello?" I'm in the right here. He's the one who has screwed up. So I'm going to meet with him on Tuesday...which is when Darly's next tuition is due. I may be driving straight over to the other gym in town afterward, we'll see.

And then the dishwasher... DH started off from the very beginning wanting to know if I wanted a new one. I told him that I really didn't care as long as I had one that worked. So DH started trying to see if he could fix the it. But he wasn't able to figure out right off what was wrong with it. He felt that it was probably something with the motor (that's what it sounded like to me) and was worried that this was just the beginning of things going wrong with it. The lower rack is already rusting. He kept trying to get me to decide what to do about it and I kept making him make the decision. I really hated spending the money on a new one when we just finished buying the new stove.

So after a bit he did decide that we should go get a new one. Sunday after lunch we hopped into my car and headed over to our local big box hardware store. They don't carry ANY in have to order them from Dallas! We go to store #2 and same thing! And same at store #3 as well! This was crazy! A dishwasher isn't something that you just buy on a whim, usually you buy one because your old one had died or your remodeling the house. Either way you want it NOW. sigh

Ding-dong sales guy at big box hardware store #1 tried to talk me into buying a more expensive dishwasher but he didn't have much of a leg to stand on cuz that one had to be ordered too! Note to ding-dong: Upselling only works if you actually have the product in the store!

I ended up ordering the dishwasher online from home. After doing research online about what I wanted featurewise I went with a Maytag from It should be delivered on Saturday and hopefully DH can get it installed then cuz he goes out of town on Sunday and then I'll have to wait another week. handwashing is so boring. LOL!


  1. handwashing is so boring.

    I hate to point out the obvious but... you have a daughter for a reason :-D

  2. TC: I'm rotflol! Darly saw your comment and gave me one of her "looks of death!" This version was the "I'll kill you til your dead from it!" look.

  3. Ohhh, I love TC's comment, sorry about that, Darly!!

  4. Good luck with the coach, sounds like a hard conversation!!

    New dishwasher sound fun!!