Monday, March 30, 2009

Kellogg's® Eggo Bake Shop™ Twists- Review

Kellogg's® Eggo Bake Shop™ Twists Apple & Strawberry

Like most families, mine always loves to wake up to the smell of fresh baked pastries for breakfast. But like most Moms on a typical morning, I lack both the time and energy to bake or make a trip to the bakery. Here breakfast is usually a “fend for yourself” situation. Recognizing this issue, Eggo, maker of the breakfasts we've loved for years, has come up with a whole new way for our own families to make their way to the kitchen for a fresh, aromatic pastry.

Eggo has introduced Eggo Bake Shop™ Twists, its first microwaveable pastry that combines soft, pull-apart dough sprinkled with sugar crystals and delicious Strawberry or Apple filling made with real fruit. And, in just 2 minutes and 25 seconds, your family can enjoy a warm, bakery-like breakfast, without the run to the bakery.

Darly & I tried these last night for our dessert. (hee hee!) I was please with how simple it was to make these. This is a product that Darly can make for herself without my help. YAY! Just pop one in the microwave for 25 seconds on high and let it cool for 2 minutes without opening the door.

And we were both pleased with how good these tasted, these pastries are both very yummy. Darly really liked the apple cuz she just loves cinnamon. I have a feeling that she will gobble these up before DH gets home from his trip.

Here’s a link to the Kellogg’s website for more info Strawberry or Apple. I’m sure your family will love them too.

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