Sunday, March 22, 2009


Can you believe the weather we’ve been having this winter? It seems the country has had a flip flop for where the weather goes. Out here in Colorado it has been such a mild winter that our trees and plants have already all started budding out. I sure hope for their sakes that we don’t get a late snowfall cuz that will cause the trees to lose their branches.

At any rate Darly has been outside as much as possible playing with her friends, climbing trees and play structures. So far we haven’t had any injuries…YET! But I’m sure it’s coming…it’s a part of being a kid. Hey am I the only one who hoped that their kid would never have any cuts or scars? Yeah? Figures!

So are you ready for this spring and summer? Have you checked out your first aid kit to make sure all your stuff is up to date and not expired? If so, what is the expiration date of your anti-biotic ointment? If you haven’t, go check it now…I’ll wait… take a minute to investigate your medicine cabinet and prepare for the inevitable scrapes and cuts that outdoor activities bring. Ensure that you are armed with plenty of bandages and antibiotic ointment, such as NEOSPORIN®. Most importantly, be sure that all medicines and products are up-to-date and have not expired.

It turns out that 40% of homes have an expired topical antibiotic in the medicine cabinet, an important issue as some products may lose their effectiveness once they reach their expiration date. The folks at NEOSPORIN® invite you to investigate your first aid supplies and share with your readers via our next blog tour just how old your tubes of NEOSPORIN® are. We bet you might be surprised at some of the dates, and we invite you to ask your readers to check the expiration date on their tubes as well.

Well the good news is that I couldn’t find any expired medications in my first aid kit…the bad news is that I couldn’t find any of the medications in my first aid kit!!! :o I’m not sure what was up with my first aid kits but it looks as if the last person to use the Neosporin didn’t put it back. I know it was pretty old though.

I guess it is a good thing that I now have brand new NEOSPORIN® ointment and cream to put in my first aid kits for when we go to the park and camping this summer. I’m also excited to try out the new NEOSPORIN® Neo to Go! Spray.
And I’ve also had my first chance to try out my new Neo to Go! Spray. DH scraped his hand yesterday while working on the house. It was nice to be able to just spray the boo boo and then cover it up. Course then it was my turn to try it out as I burned my hand while cooking dinner. Pout!

I’m kinda excited to pop this in my first aid kit that I take to the park for us to use this summer.

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  1. I can almost guarantee my stuff is outdated. Of course, my Mom still has stuff from when I was a kid in her medicine cabinet, and she's a nurse so that should tell you where I learned to check these things ;)

    Oooh, will you be twirling those "Neo to go" thingies on your finger like those moms do on the commercial?