Friday, March 20, 2009

more updates

well in the continuing gymnastics saga...  Darly admitted a few days after her class on the 12th that having Mr Coach wasn't too bad.  She actually liked that he had them working on flips...she just didn't want to do all the conditioning.

However, by yesterday (the 19th) she had changed her mind and DID NOT want Mr Coach.  And unfortunately Mr Coach had other ideas.  See at the same time as Darly's class there are two other groups classes of girls in the gym.  Last night the class level that is right above Darly's had only two girls show up.  That coach noticed that Mr Coach had too many girls when he combined his class with Darly's, so he asked Mr Coach if he should teach some of the girls...but Mr Coach is a stubborn knuckle head and told him no.  So Coach B had two girls and Mr Coach had 9.  sigh  This meant that all the girls in Mr Coach's class got to wait around for their turn instead of getting to spread out.
I'll be emailing Mr Coach later because this was a dumb idea on his part.  Darly spent her class planning a slow and painful death for Mr Coach.  I'm going to see if I can find a way to cc Mr Coach's boss too.

yes, I know that Darly picks up on my anger and frustration about this.  But I want my daughter to have a good time and learn the skills that she wants to learn.  I don't need her twisted by Mr Coach into a competition machine.  If we wanted to compete we would have moved to TX or OK where they have good coaches.

okay enough of that rant...for now. ;o)

yesterday Darly and I went to unload my dishwasher only to discover that the dishes in it were not clean.  Hummm I looked and found that not only were the dishes not clean they now all had dried on food.  :p  So I grabbed my Dawn Power Disolver and sprayed the worst looking ones and set the dishwasher up to run again.  but it didn't run.  It got a tiny bit of water in it and then it quit while making a something is stuck in the engine noise!  GrEAT!  so Darly got a lesson on how to wash dishes by hand.  I was washing the dishes along with Darly to try to get them done faster...we both ended up a bit wet, but we had fun.  When DH came home he just sighed and asked if I wanted a new dishwasher.  While it would be nice to finally have all my kitchen appliances be the same color (the dishwasher is the last of the black appliances left from the previous owner) we could really stand to not spend more money after all of DH's dental work.  But I did some research on dishwashers anyway.
I was really disappointed that even on the website for the manufacturer they did not include pictures of how the racks in the dishwasher are.  Instead they had a picture of the door and the controls.  Ummm hello?  I don't care what the controls look like...I want to see how you have the racks set up.

So now I get to drive over to Home Depot to look at dishwashers.  Although we will probably buy the dishwasher someplace else online. 


  1. That's poor behavior on Mr. Coach's part: boo.

    Good luck with the dishwasher!

  2. The people before us did crap work taking care of the house, but they were aces at keeping the paperwork together. So, as we were going through it, we found that the dishwasher had been recalled, but they never took care of it, and now it was too late. Nice!

    We ended up buying a new dishwasher, rather than risk the old one catching fire (that was the recall issue, they'd just go up in flames sometimes. Nice!)

    Anywho, I hope you can find a new one before you go insane from doing everything by hand!

  3. Sometimes you have to wonder how certain adults working with kids get to be in positions of authority. Geez...

    As for your dishwasher saga, we haven't had a working one since we moved into our home 18 years ago...ours began to leak almost immediately after we moved in and we've never replaced the darn thing. I grew up washing dishes at home and it just doesn't seem like a big chore although there's only the two of us. Good luck finding that perfect one with all the right racks!!!

  4. of course Mr Coach decides to CALL me to discuss my email instead of emailing me back. argh! I don't want to talk to this jerk!

  5. Didn't anyone ever tell the Coach that it's alright to share...and that the students are more important that his little power trip?

    As for the dishwasher...racks and quiet. I think that quiet is important too : )

  6. I got a new dishwasher a few weeks ago. Those suckers are kind of pricey. I didn't think they'd be THAT much. GEEZ! Good luck with the dishwasher.

  7. OK, how about this? You're a gymnastics coach, and you have a son. But you're son isn't interested in gymnastics, so you're trying to push him into it.

    Also, my washing machine is leaking. So I feel your appliance pain.