Saturday, March 07, 2009

Smashing TVs - well not on purpose!

Tonight DH & I tried to get the 35 inch TV that a friend gave us out of my car and into the house.

While backing the car out of our driveway and back into the garage the TV flew into the back window of my car! Lucky that window is very strong (cuz I made it fly into it earlier).

We got the car turned around and then started trying to get the tv into the house. We had the tv completely out of the car and were doing good until we got to the stairs. I put my one foot on the stair and attempted to lift...and No go!

I've never seen my body totally refuse to do something like that. I didn't let the tv fall completely but it was really close. We got one corner on the stair and had to balance the TV on it for a bit to move the car and then set the TV on the garage floor.

I can move the tv all over the place now that it's on the strip of carpet...just can't lift it!

DH is going to ask some folks at work tomorrow if they'll help us get it in the house and set up.

I feel so weak!


  1. The title of this really scared me! I thought you HAD smashed some TVs! (OK, one.)

  2. Anonymous11:47 PM

    That tv set surely sounds heavy...!!!

  3. Aww, don't feel bad. We were trying to help LJ skate last week and told him to turn his knees in, and he couldn't do it. He was trying, but his legs were just trembling.

  4. Eek! That is one heavy tv. but what were you doing even TRYING to lift that!!!!!! Glad you didn't hurt your li'l self! ;)

  5. I should clarify...taking the TV out of the back of my car, it's actually an SUV. So the TV would have been at waist height already. I was doing okay until we got to the stairs. I probably should have tried to go with my left leg instead of my right, but I may have been supporting the TV with the left leg (hard to remember now as it went down so quickly).

    Today my right leg is stiff and hurts to do anything requiring walking, standing, sitting, etc. LOL!

  6. Soo a few months ago some friends gave me a great entertainment center. My parents, Sister #2, and I moved the thing from my friend's house to mind. It was so heavy. I couldn't move it very well. My dad, Sister #2, and I were getting out of the truck and into my house. We were almost inside when my dad lost his footing and the thing came tumbling down on him. I was so scared I picked it up so he could get out from underneath. Needless to say, we learned very quickly thatmy family needs some boys!

  7. Oh no!! I'm glad the tv withstood it's flight!!

  8. Whew...that sounds like one close call. Not too long ago we gave one of our old TVs to Lynn and it weighed a ton. I was definitely not the picture of grace as Hubby and I lugged it from our house into the car. Thankfully, Hubby and BIL brought it into Lynn's house...I'm not sure it would have made it in one piece with me at one end for the second time.

  9. I gather you have just shifted to a new place, there is nothing more exhausting or frustrating. I hope you're feeling better real soon. Thanks for visiting my Buns. :)